DigiPulse Supports Study Findings for Pharmacist-Guided Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

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(Newswire.net — April 13, 2015) Brighton, United Kingdom — The use of a high quality home blood pressure machine is considered to be a vital part of such treatment.

Just-Brill’s new DigiPulse wrist blood pressure monitor is among the best available online, based on the high level of positive reviews and five star ratings it has received. As such, many have been getting the device to monitor their blood pressure at home. Partnering with a pharmacist for lifestyle advice and medication changes could help them to better control their blood pressure based on what was found in the study.

The study covered a six-month intervention period and included 405 participants with hypertension that was not under control. The findings showed that nearly 72 percent of the participants who had pharmacist-assisted home blood pressure monitoring had their hypertension under control at the end of the six month period, compared to only 45 percent of those that did the usual clinic visits to monitor their blood pressure.

“The reason that only about half of people with [high] blood pressure have it under control is that usual care isn’t working. We combined two interventions that we thought would be very powerful together — home monitoring and pharmacist managements — and this is one system that we’ve shown works very well for blood pressure control,” said Dr. Karen Margolis, senior investigator from the Health Partners Institute for Education and Research in Minneapolis.

At the same time, a number of customers who used the wrist monitor from Just-Brill have labeled it as the best wrist blood pressure monitor available due to its convenience and portability. “I’ve used many blood pressure cuffs in the past, including wrist ones, and this is probably the best. Very easy to read, easy to use, and very accurate to my doctor’s. If you are on the go, like I am, then this is just the right product for you. It’s very portable so you can monitor your BP wherever you are without having to carry a bulky machine,” said Deb D in a verified Amazon review.

Just-Brill is also confident that their product is the best wrist blood pressure monitor to help patients monitor and control their hypertension at home. As such, they have backed it with a full lifetime guarantee.

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