Debt Relief Theory Exposed By Andy Shaw

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( — May 14, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — Today, it’s not only that governments are searching for solutions to a growing national debt crisis, but many typical working people from all over the world are presently searching for some form of fast debt relief. It has actually just been reported that a growing cross-section of Canadian households is highly indebted, leaving them more vulnerable to any financial shift such as employment cuts, illness or increasing loaning expenses. More than a third of households had a debt-to-income ratio above 2.0 as of 2012, meaning their general debt level was at least two times that of their yearly net income, according to a brand-new paper released by Statistics Canada.

The findings are similar to the Bank of Canada’s assessment of debt trends in Canada, which seems to suggest that much of the country’s debt is concentrated in a tiny portion of households. It kept in mind in December that 12 percent of households have a total debt-to-income ratio above 250 %, and though this portion has been stable in the last few years, it has virtually doubled 2000 levels, with these one-in-eight homes holding about 40 % of general debt. The Statscan paper comes as Canada’s debt-to-income ratio has increased even more, striking a record 163.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014. The central bank has long mentioned family debt as an essential danger to the economy, though it did cut interest rates in January to respond to another hazard of reducing oil prices.

In a recent video published on Youtube by millionaire Andy Shaw, a claim has been made to have really found an option for debt relief. During a live type podcast, Andy states: “If you are in debt, and want to be free of it, then the very first step to consider is the way you think of debt.” He claims that by just learning this key, people would know for certain that they could remove their debt with minimal effort. Andy stated: “When people ask me the best ways to get out of financial problems I tell them, first they must repair their mind by raising their level of consciousness. Just because Einstein said that no problem could be resolved from the very same level of awareness that created it, people in debt do not want to hear that, they just need a plan for getting out of debt, which I obviously do not have in their terms, though I do have a cunning plan that’s guaranteed to work.”

“However that is the plan!” states Andy on a more serious note, who includes: “People choose to raise their level of consciousness later on, after they have left their financial problems behind them, but it doesn’t work like that. Success is a matter of doing the right things in the right order. You can not put the icing on a cake prior to having baked it, but our egos tell us that it’s alright for him, he’s done it, there’s a shortcut, you can find it, but you simply keep looking.” Best selling author of “Using A Bug Free Mind,” Andy Shaw ties up by saying: “If people have a problem they wish to be rid of, the starting point is to first fix their mind, the starting point is not to attempt to take care of the issue. Do not hesitate to quote me on that one. Really, but, the actual option to getting out of debt originates from beginning and using the Bug Free Mind Process to your life.

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