Unique Math Flash Cards Transform Kids Into Math Whizzes

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(Newswire.net — May 14, 2015) Saratoga, FL — According to the company, this 52 deck of math flash cards were designed to help children to develop and hone their math skills.  They announced that the cards can be used to play typical card games as well as arithmetic driven games. 

Simply Creative Cards believes that learning should be a fun experience for children.  “Our unique deck of math flash cards are deliberately crafted to not just facilitate learning but also to develop kids’ problem-solving, decision-making, thinking, and social interaction skills,” said a spokesperson from the company.

Chanel Chamberlin, a parent shared on Amazon, “This is great for my son and how he needs to improve his math skills. As soon as they arrived I started using them with him.  His math score have dropped these past weeks and this improves his thinking and quick response!  It was rough at first now he responds faster and can do the math in his head and not relying on electronics to do it for him!”

One parent with an autistic son, Melissa Baker, also shared, “This is helping my son learn his numbers.   He is autistic and I am using the product to teach my son numbers.  He likes the cards and is learning so fast.  He is trying his best with it and I am very proud of him.  This set is great for any kid who needs to learn numbers and math.”

Simply Creative Cards believe that with these math flash cards, children can understand and grasp math topics and enjoy their entire learning experience while doing so.  This has already been proven with the increasing amount of cases in which the math flash card deck has used to improving the progress of kids who have been falling behind in math.        


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