Math Flash Cards Designed to Reduce Fear Of Mathematics In Schools

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( — May 15, 2015) Saratoga, FL — Simply Clever Cards has delved into the market for educational math games for kids with a set of cards that students and teachers can use to develop their math skills. While at school or at home, these cards can enhance the learning experience for students of the so-called difficult subject of Mathematics.  The unique design allows the Simply Clever Arithmetic Cards to be used both as regular Playing Cards and as Math Flash Cards. This provides almost endless different ways for children to play cool math games and practice Math in a fun way.

Many students fear mathematics in school, and as a result end up underperforming in the subject area.  Researchers have concluded that kids tend to become frustrated when they cannot understand or overcome something, and this has been the experience with Math for many.  Specialists diagnose that teachers change their approach when teaching this subject, although they admit that at times students have a preconceived mental block to the subject that can cause them to underperform.  However, they agree that students develop mental problem solving skills and reinforce their memory of key information while doing activities that are fun and engaging, like playing games.

This deck of playing cards designed by Simply Clever Cards makes mathematics simple and easy to grasp and remember.   Particularly, these Math Flash Cards help children to develop and hone their arithmetic skills without even noticing.  Similar to a regular deck of cards, the Simply Clever Arithmetic Math Flash Playing Cards include 52 cards, however they are numbered from 0 to 12.  The cards, which are color coded in 4 colors, were designed to facilitate regular card games as well as for drilling math rules with the inclusion of math game ideas and instructions. 

Schools can let students play math games with these cards, especially in Kindergarten and First and Second Grade at Elementary school. The Simply Clever Arithmetic Cards can also be used in Grades 3, 4 and 5 however, since the games and topics covered can be made more advanced.   This also makes it easy to adapt the games  and activities for students with different levels of math understanding.  This simple, but ingenious deck of 52 cards allows students in school to help stimulate their minds.  With this unique deck of math cards, educators are equipped with a practical tool that can facilitate engaging lessons about several numeracy topics.  

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We help you understand boring and difficult topics by playing entertaining games. Our NEXT GENERATION EDUCATIONAL CARDS ™ combine the benefits of traditional flash cards with ordinary playing cards. Simply Clever Cards™ staff have 15 years’ experience with developing exciting learning approaches online and offline – based on educational research and tested in many countries, languages and cultures.

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