Plumbers 911 Missouri Launches New Website

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( — May 21, 2015) Kansas City, Missouri — Plumbers 911 Missouri is a professional plumbing company serving the wider Missouri area; if you have a plumbing emergency, Plumbers 911 can help with their large network of technicians who are available anytime, day or night.

It’s not just plumbing emergencies either; Plumbers 911 is on hand to install a range of fashionable plumbing and kitchen appliance options. Right now, across Kansas City, Missouri, families are right in the swing of Spring cleaning – why not go that extra mile with Plumbers 911.

Plumbers 911 offers a range of services that will get your home looking sparkling clean and the best on the block in no time.


Even though the temperatures are rising, this doesn’t mean you can forget about the heating. You still might need a little boost of heat in the mornings and you will certainly still want to take a hot shower. A broken heater in the Spring can  be a real inconvenience. Take advantage of the better weather by letting Plumbers 911 give your whole system a full once-over and maintenance check. Then, when the cold weather does arrive, your heating system will be fully prepared.

Waste Disposal

Now common in most American homes, the waste disposal unit is vital for millions of families. Even if you don’t have one and all your liquids go down the drain, it’s important to remember that most drain blockages occur during the Spring/Summer months. However, you do not need to worry because Plumbers 911 is on hand 365 days of the year to unclog any problem pipes and get them moving in a jiffy.

Washing Machine

Is there anything more important to a family than the washing machine?! Of course there is, but you can’t deny that many of us would be lost without this kitchen appliance. Anyone with kids would know that better weather means more time spent outside playing for the little ones. Those bundles of joy are always finding more and more ways to bring dirt and grime back into your home. Don’t let your washing machine suffer by getting a professional maintenance check today from Plumbers 911 Missouri. They will check all the pipes leading to and from your machine, locating any potential blockages before it’s too late.

Pipes & Drains

We all know pipes and drains can smell pretty bad sometimes, but as we get into Spring and temperatures soar, it can get a whole lot more pongy! During the really dry spells in Missouri, there won’t be much water getting through your pipes, this means the odor can linger. You can trust a Kansas City plumber to locate any blockage and get rid of that foul stench before you can say that S.T.I.N.K.S.

Chuck Tarpley, Business Manager at Plumbers 911 Missouri wants you to know that he personally checks every plumbing technician on his books meaning you don’t need to worry when you call them.






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