Dallas CPA Discusses Tax Planning for Small Businesses

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(Newswire.net — May 28, 2015) Dallas, TEXAS — Taxes and accounting can often seem like another language, especially to a non-expert. Based in Dallas, Texas, Holly Roundtree and her accounting team at Holly C. Roundtree, CPA PLLC offers individuals and small businesses with a number of personalized tax and accounting services. With over 20 years of experience, the firm can help clients with tax planning, solving complex business problems and guide the individual or small business in financial and estate planning. Recently, the experienced Dallas CPA shared some experience and insight on tax planning for small businesses.

“Accounting and taxes are confusing to most small businesses,” Roundtree explained. “We know this from working with small businesses and individuals for more than 20 years. You really do need an experienced guide to help you navigate through the rough seas of tax code and business accounting”

The Dallas accountant went on to explain that one of the firm’s main goals when tax planning is to see that a small business pays no more tax than what the law requires.

“Our firm is constantly monitoring changes in tax law that affect our clients in order to recommend the best tax saving strategies for them. We want to take the complexities of tax planning and lay it out in plain English for our clients. Using several simple tax-cutting strategies, we are able to make sure our clients pay no more than what the law requires them to pay.”

Roundtree described most plans as being a combination of one or more basic strategies, including splitting income, deferring tax liability, investing money, shifting deductions and more.

“Splitting and shifting income are two simple strategies that can be used to have income fall where it can be taxed at a lower rate. We can also help small businesses shift deductions in order to place them where a greater tax benefit will be seen. Through variations of these strategies and others, we can help our clients cut taxes and see greater benefits.”

She later shared that her firm prepares hundreds of tax returns each year and understands exactly what to look for when handling her clients tax planning in Dallas, TX. She explained that the firm was not just there for tax planning and returns, but for any questions a client may have throughout the rest of the year. Her firm also offers clients with an option to receive timely financial and tax advice through their mailing list.

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At Holly C. Roundtree, CPA PLLC, we know that your accounting and taxes can be confusing, and even a little scary. Knowing the way can be difficult without an experienced guide to help. We understand, because we work with small businesses and individuals in and around Dallas Texas, serving their unique tax and accounting needs. We provide highly personalized service, helping you with your plans and being available to solve the simple as well as the complex problems of business life. Our aim is to provide the best taxation and accounting services possible. With over 20 years experience, we can help find the right way for you, and help keep you growing in the right direction. So please feel free to drop in to see us at any time, to discuss a problem, or just for a visit. An initial consultation is always free of charge, and our office is conveniently located in north Dallas, Tx.

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