Demonstrating ‘Smart Car’, Man Runs over Pedestrian

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( — May 27, 2015) — As the technology gets smarter, people seem to get less bright. After smart phones that finish your sentences, smart TVs that listen what you are saying, a new generation of smart cars can detect obstacles, park themselves and auto brake in proximity of the pedestrian.

A disturbing video titled ‘self-parking car accident’ displays a proud Volvo XC60 owner demonstrating smartness of his car, running down two pedestrians filming the event with their smartphones. Allegedly filmed in the Dominican Republic, the video shows the car go in revers to gain some distance, than speed up towards spectators hitting directly one man and the author of the film. who broke the story contacted the Volvo representative for a comment. After showing them the disturbing video, they received a disturbing answer.  

Allegedly, Volvo spokesperson Johan Larsson explained that the video is mislabeled. He said the car is not attempting to self-park, however, the driver was demonstrating “the pedestrian detection and auto-braking,” said Larsson by email.

“Unfortunately, there were some issues in the way the test was conducted.”

According to Volvo representative Larsson, the main issue is that apparently the people who bought this Volvo did not pay for the ‘Pedestrian detection functionality,’ which is a costly additional feature.

“The Volvo XC60 comes with City Safety as a standard feature however this does not include the Pedestrian detection functionality,” said Larsson. The “City Safety system” kicks in when someone is in stop-and-go traffic, helping the driver avoid rear ending another car while driving slowly, or under 30 mph.

“It appears as if the car in this video is not equipped with Pedestrian detection,” said Larsson. “This is sold as a separate package.”

Apparently, keeping the car safe is included in standard offer, however, keeping pedestrians safe isn’t, conclude.

According to the Volvo, the pedestrian detection feature, works using a radar in the car’s grill and a camera located behind the windshield. It is not a brand new technology, though. According to IEEE, feature has been around since the mid 2000s, and even started detecting cyclists in 2011. With its $3000 price it is rarely the choice of people who are more interested in aluminum rims.

In addition, even if the driver in the video has bought ‘the pedestrian detection feature’ the intentional accelerating overrides the system shutting it down.

According to the Dominican blog, the “two men hit were bruised but are ok.”