Water Main Break Shuts Down North Salt Lake City

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(Newswire.net — May 27, 2015) North Ogden, Utah — Early Tuesday morning on May 26th an underground water main supplying the water suppression system at Zero Manufacturing developed a leak and sent thousands of gallons of water and mud flooding the sprawling manufacturing facility. Work was interrupted for the day as cleanup efforts continued around the clock. Up to 200,000 square feet of manufacturing was affected. Multiple crews worked through the day and through the night to extract the water, cleanup mud, remove contaminated water, restore water to the building and to begin drying out the structure.


Zero Manufacturing produces specialized cases, enclosures and assemblies for a variety of industries and applications. The water and mud affected the majority of the complex and required that manufacturing be interrupted for the day. They are hoping to resume the majority of activities in most areas on Wednesday. With work commencing at Zero Manufacturing, the cleanup process is ongoing and will take weeks to complete.


Several crews worked on the different cleanup activities. Contaminated water had to be pumped out and taken of site for processing. Up to nine crews extracted water and mud throughout the building working late into the night. Drying equipment was set up to continue the dry out process and get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Most of the cleanup activities were supervised or coordinated by Utah Flood Cleanup.


Utah Flood Cleanup is a Disaster Cleanup company serving Northern Utah. 


Josh Ray of Utah Flood Cleanup said, “this was a very large event with a lot of water and mud. We started off pumping water out and pushing water out of the building with squeegees. Even after the bulk of the standing water was gone we still had to extract water off of the floor throughout the building. The extraction alone amounted to several thousand gallons of water.”

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