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( — September 18, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — According to Facebook, there are 1,131 people talking about this particular page, which has received 15,086 total likes, and 260 likes just within the last week. The daily timeline is packed with inspirational quotes to live and learn the bug free mind way of life. An important topic for personal development fans, “how to remove the fear of failure,” is one of the most recent postings having received much attention from worldwide followers.

Author, Andy Shaw, shares his own thoughts about failure, saying “The teachers got it wrong, day dreaming is a good thing! Try getting anything without ever dreaming about it first.” He refers to his own personal development system, “Creating A Bug Free Mind,” as, an introduction to structuring your thinking for automatic success, how to silence your mind and achieve perfect peace in an instant, why less than 1% of people succeed and how you can so easily be one of them, why your successes were down to you, and much more.

According to Andy, the purpose of this fan page is to enable people around the world to make practical use of the process in order to create the life they desire. He adds: “I do this by explaining things in a way which enables them to see how they can actually apply it and make a difference to their lives. My desire is not to just make people feel good after they have read my ‘stuff’, but be able to have it as a simple process which they do implement into their lives. I continually use my gifts to make it easier and easier for people to create abundant thought, thereby my systems enable the world to grow faster.”

The Bug Free Mind Process is laid out in Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind is designed to be the most effective work ever produced on Self Improvement. “You can judge for yourself!” says Andy. He also says that too many books have been written on personal development with too few results, saying the purpose of this system is to get a usable process into the hands of as many people as possible, and to provide them with the tools to deliver the life they desire. Already thousands of people have begun using The Bug Free Process to change their lives. To read, listen to and watch a whole host of reader feedback, just check out:

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