Are you suffering from 4G LTE Headache?

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( — January 20, 2016) Darien, CT — What exactly is a 4G LTE headache? It is the headaches you get from using a cell phones or computer monitors way too much. It comes from looking at the phone for excessive periods of time. The official term is cervicogenic headache. It is characterized by chronic hemicranial pain referred to the head from either the cervical spine or soft tissues within the neck. In addition to constantly connected adults kids who play video games are equally affected and is some cases more so then us old folks.

Say the average head weighs 12 pounds. If you move the head as little as three degrees the weight load doubles. This puts tension on the neck where it meets the shoulders. Here is what happens the center of gravity is pulled forward and the shoulders are rounded in a forward position as well. Have you ever noticed an elderly dentist? They have a noticeable hump from leaning forward with their upper body and neck all day long. This same action puts tension on the neck and upper back muscles forcing them into doing more work. Mechanically the body fails and the froward slide continues until a visible permanent humps appears later on in life.

Before the hump appears, people will experience headaches from tension on the muscles. I might add that the muscles in the front of the body become tighter and shorter further rounding out the back. It is going to become more of a problem as hand held devices become more used. The best way to deal with cervicogenic headaches is to have your condition evaluated by a chiropractor who specializes in musculoskelatal issues. A thorough biomechanical work up is needed to properly assess the situation.

Typically one will ignore what pain they are in or take a pain reliever not understanding that this will only cover the underlying mechanical symptoms up on a temporary basis. In some cases an xray is needed to view the spine and check for permanent damage that can occur if the problem goes un addressed for a lengthy period of time. Strength training and proper posture education are necessary steps to ensure total resolution of the 4G LTE, cervicogenic headaches.

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