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(Newswire.net — June 8, 2016) Santa Fe Springs, CA — Ahmet Onerbay talks about his two-year term as president at the Los Angeles Turkish American Association (LATAA). He is an extremely influential public personality within Los Angeles’ local Turkish-American community.

LATAA is a chapter organization of the Association of Turkish Americans of Southern California (ATASC). Established in September 2004, the association mainly dedicates itself to enriching the lives of Turkish-American community members through countywide social, cultural, educational and recreational activities.

A non-profit, non-political organization, LATAA was established to promote better understanding and forge closer relationships between the Turkish and American peoples through educational, cultural, social, and charitable activities. Not only does it initiate and carry out numerous community-service projects, it also organizes get-togethers, youth parties and picnics. In addition, LATAA partakes in the joint events of ATASC, monitors and deals with any misinformation about Turkey, and preserves close ties with ATASC, its chapters and other organizations.

Onerbay had many accomplishments during his presidential term at LATAA. With his exceptional knowledge and honed skills, he made the association stronger than it had ever been. According to Onerbay, it was through his efforts that the Board of Directors at LATA was able to open a Turkish Book Section at the Los Angeles downtown main library. Furthermore, during his tenure as president, LATAA managed to name an area at the Angeles National Forest as the Turkish forest. Onerbay undeniably brought so much success to the association, and had greatly helped it become the association that it is now.

During his two-year presidency at LATAA, he admits to have had maintained close ties with U.S. Senators as well as some local politicians in California, including the mayors of Carson, Beverly Hills, Cerritos, Malibu, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood. Onerbay was also a good friend of Lee Baca, Los Angeles’ former sheriff.

Onerbay has a proven and tremendous track record in entrepreneurial endeavors and has an extensive scholarly background in history and political science, which makes him a leading candidate for any ambassador roles. Onerbay holds a masters degree in Political Science, which he earned from New York University.

Apart from being an entrepreneur and an avid businessman, Onerbay is also a skilled public speaker and gives public speeches for philanthropic causes. With an extreme dedication to society, Onerbay has donated countless hours to charitable establishments and has even provided services for the World Health Organization. 

Currently, Ahmet serves as the Vice President of Operations at Icon Stone Inc.

About Ahmet Onerbay

Ahmet Onerbay is a Turkish entrepreneur based in Los Angeles and an influential public personality within his local Turkish-American community. He has a proven track record in the business industry and often gives back to the community. His dedication to society has made him work countless hours for charitable causes. He has a masters degree in Political Science which he earned from New York University and is fluent in Turkish, English and Spanish.

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