Can a Teen Find the “Meaning of Life” as an Author?

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( — July 25, 2016) Parklands, Queensland — At 15-years-old, Keishan Scott of Bishopsville, S.C. has accomplished more than most people his age. As a minister and author, he released his first book “Keys to the Kingdom: Get Your Kingdom Keys and Receive Power” when he was just 13-years-old. Now, only two years later, Scott is back again and hoping to make a difference in the lives of others. His newest book, “Purpose Awakening: Step into Your Purpose” was published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises and was released on May 17. The inspiration for his newest work was the youth within his community. He wanted to help them find the passion and desire that they were lacking, helping them to find out and realize who they are and maximize their lives.

According to, “Purpose Awakening” is an inspirational, step-by-step guide, each describing the processes of knowing oneself. Some steps describe the spiritual birthing process, while some show the natural birthing process. The book is meant to help people of all ages find their identity. It describes a process that he says he has been through himself, and believes will help others through their own journeys. In August, Scott will begin 10th grade. He wants to pursue a career in politics, while remaining grounded in his ministry. Currently, Scott travels to preach, speak at seminars and workshops and even leads classes surrounding his new book.

By helping others find the joy in the purpose of life, Scott is able to help them find true self-awareness. It is only here that they are able to find true happiness.

“I strongly believe that you have an untapped gift that needs to be nurtured. An internal awakening of knowing yourself needs to be sparked bringing forth your essence, soul and purpose.  My role is to help you nurture that gift, by relaying the most profound pure wisdom,” says Stanley Tsiamoulis, the CEO and Founder of Zeneth Culture, a program designed to help you find self-awareness and your life’s purpose.

“With the relentless pursuit I have for validation, I came across a quick system to “Know Yourself”, which encompasses both psychology and biology, of which biology has many subdivisions including anatomy and physiology. The ability I had to drop my ego and absorb information allowed me to formulate my own awareness. I can also teach you this formula,” claims Tsiamoulis.

Finding self-awareness can help you find stability within your own company. Tsiamoulis’ company, is the secret to finding the self-awareness to find your life’s purpose. “The deeper you go in knowing yourself is what Your Numbers Your Journey is all about. Think of an onion that you peel it makes your eyes go watery. The same occurs when you study you and reflect back. Emotions rise to the surface with each layer you peel. Fear comes up due to the subconscious mind recognizing patterns and the protection wall comes up. Your goal is to breakthrough those emotions and continue on your journey. You want to be in control of your destiny and master your emotions and become a more balanced person,” says Tsiamoulis.

Stanley Tsiamoulis provides you with the tools that you need to find your life’s purpose and self-awareness, giving you the ability to know who you truly are and how to run your business.


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