Dr. Roger Coletti Makes Breakthrough Discovery for Treating Muscle Spasm and Pain

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(Newswire.net — July 25, 2016) —  Millions of people suffer with chronic pain that is the result of chronic muscle spasm, and this condition has resulted in people overusing pain medicines, resulting in overdoses that have been fatal. Experts have long been searching for remedies to help these sufferers, but now Dr. Roger Coletti has been able to find the reason why muscles remain in a chronic spasm. As a result, he has been able to develop an effective treatment that will essentially turn off these spasms and allow muscles to return to a normal state.

Something That Had Been Overlooked

While experts were trying to find the right treatment for chronic pain that is caused by muscle spasm, they were overlooking what the actual trigger of the spasms was. But Roger Coletti, MD took the research in a different direction and found that what had been thought to be electrical “noise” in the muscle was actually electrical instability of the muscle tissue and was the trigger of the chronic spasms. This keeps the muscle contracted chronically, and he believes that this instability will take place after the initial spasm that chokes off blood supply to a muscle. With a background in cardiology, Dr. Coletti quickly realized that this is similar to what occurs in the heart, when ventricular fibrillation causes chronic contraction of that muscle.

The Development of a Treatment

Once Dr. Coletti found the cause of chronic muscle spasms, he was determined to create a treatment that would allow the muscle to return to its normal functioning state.

By using an EMG device, which is basically like an EKG, except it is utilized to measure the electrical activity of muscles and nerves, and by seeing where others failed in coming up with a treatment, Dr. Coletti eventually realized that you could take a highly diluted concentration of Botox and inject it into a muscle with the guidance of the EMG.

The results, however, would take weeks to take full effect, and this treatment would be too expensive, so he tried a medication called Dibenzyline instead. This medication had been abandoned by a neurologist who had attempted to treat chronic muscle spasm, but Dr. Coletti was able to find the appropriate concentration.

Success at Last

Over time, Dr. Coletti added short-term medicines to the injection to further improve the outcome, and he submitted all of his research to the medical community. His findings were published, and he is now looking forward to getting a trademark for CMECD, which stands for Coletti Method of EMG Guided ChemoDenervation. 

Hundreds of patients have already been treated with this injection, and oftentimes, all that is needed is a single treatment. Patients who were never able to find relief before have now been able to find permanent relief at last. Even patients who have suffered injuries from car accidents, or who have over-trained their muscles or overused them in sports or at the gym, have been able to get relief. And those who have IT Band Syndrome, sciatica, or Piriformis Syndrome, have all been treated successfully too.

Ultimately, this amazing breakthrough by Dr. Coletti serves as an example of what one doctor’s dedication can do when no treatment options are available.