The Oldest Secret of All Successful Business People

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( — July 25, 2016) Northport, Florida — Researchers have recently found one age-old trait that unifies all successful business people entrepreneurs alike.


Entrepreneurs and corporate executives have hundreds of opportunities thrown their way every day: giving them new ways to market, employee challenges, and more. There are three universal challenges that these people are most commonly faced with on an almost daily basis: time, money and overwhelm. In order to keep up with the day-to-day challenges, the most effective way to ensure success is to set up specific rewards and consequences upon completion or failure on tasks.

According to, people will do more to avoid pain than do gain pleasure. By adding fear to the consequence of not achieving your goal, one can remain accountable for thier goals and business. Another tool that has proven helpful to keep oneself accountable is finding an accountability partner. Some people are well suited for this task. Others may not be. When looking for your personal coach or accountability parther, the qualities to look for include someone who:

  • You are not too personal with
  • That is equally invested in your success
  • Has a schedule that matches yours

“There are many books written on leadership. This book is unique in providing practical steps to move into a C-suite job, written by someone, who not only made these moves himself, but helping students and alumni at The University of Rochester for many years, a proven track record,” says Andrew Ainslie, Dean William E. Simon Graduate School of Business.

Launching your executive career or becoming an entrepreneur is a not a guaranteed way to fast track your life, but with a proper plan of accountability, you’ll be farther ahead than without. In fact, in Len Schutzman’s Best Selling Book, Fast Track Up the Corporate Ladder, he places accountability squarely in his 8 step system.

Len isn’t alone in his placement of accountability in anyone’s career toolbox. According to John Bronson, Senior Human Resource Executive at PepsiCo and Frito Lay, “The Wall Street Journal recognized PepsiCo a place ‘Where Finance Stars Are Born.’ My colleague, Len Schutzman, explains why and shares the experiences and insights in his book.” As a senior financial positions at PepsiCo, Len’s no stranger to being accountable for performance.

Accountability is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Many entrepreneurs face challenges without a boss to oversee them. Even in a corporate culture, many CEO’s are allowing their managers to treat their departments as individual businesses. While there are many books that give sage advice on how to build a successful business, Len’s book is unique.

In Fast Track Up the Corporate Ladder you’ll sit in the boardroom of companies like Pepsico and Frito-Lay and discover the inside secrets of rapidly advancing your career. This book will not only take you on Len’s fascinating journey of success, but will give you a fresh and timeless perspective on seizing the initiative, accepting the right challenges and much more.

According to Larry Meyer, President, Uniqlo-U.S. and former CFO Forever 21, Toys R Us International and Gymboree, “This book contains a wealth of practical ideas on how to become an impactful leader and executive. A ‘must read’ for those who consider themselves stuck in career, as well as those who believe they have potential; far above their current position,” 

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, accountability is not only a foundation, but, according to Len, a requirement. You can read the full story in his best selling book available on Amazon.


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