Experts Reveal Footcare Tips For Basketball Players

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( — October 18, 2016) Wilmington, DE — While the foot is often the most ignored part of the body, it is one that needs care consistently. Individuals who engage in sports, such as basketball, should see to it that they are able to take better care of their feet. 

Experts reveal the footcare tips for basketball players. Games such as basketball expose the foot and ankle to tremendous pressure. It is imperative that basketball players practice daily foot care routines to ensure that they address the needs of their feet. 

According to podiatric physicians, the absence of proper equipment and preparation increases the risk of injuries. Acute injury can result from a forceful and sudden blow. Basketball players may also experience chronic injury, which can slowly develop and worsen over time. 

Basketball players can also suffer from acute foot and ankle injuries, which usually take place when they land improperly from a jump. Some of the most common acute injuries are torn ligaments, ankle sprains, tendon ruptures, fractures, and muscle pulls. 

Podiatric physicians suggest that individuals who engage in the sport should practice stretching exercises as well as gradual warm-up before even playing vigorously. 

They may also engage in a weight-lifting regimen involving the upper and lower body muscles. This could potentially reduce the impact of chronic injuries even before they happen. 

Wearing the right pair of shoe is essential to avoid injuries. Experts recommend those that are basketball-specific, such as shoes with shock absorption and ankle support. They may also choose high-topped shoes that provide more ankle support. 

It is similarly important to replace the soles of the shoes before they become smooth. Experts even recommend replacing basketball shoes every two to three months, especially when it is used for five days every week. To avoid blistering, it is best that players use acrylic socks. 

The formation of calluses has also been believed to be one of the concerns of individuals who play basketball. Callus develops when the skin is exposed to pressure and friction. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause these pressure and friction. 

It is imperative to manage calluses and prevent them from becoming hard and thick. When they do, they can break the skin open and this could be painful. When the skin breaks open, it can be susceptible to infection. 

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