Green Tea Is One of the Best Remedies to Make Nails Stronger

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( — October 18, 2016) Orlando, FL — The health and appearance of the nails can determine the existence of certain health issues that the body may be suffering from. There are also nails that simply grow weak, and require just some added nutrition. 

Green tea is one of the best remedies to make nails stronger. There are individuals who have unhealthy and dull nails and there are also those whose nails are prone to breaking. The thing is that this type of problem is very common. 

Nails are composed of keratin, which are laminated layers of protein. When nails are healthy, they are smooth and do not have pits or grooves. They are also typically have the same color and consistency and do not have spots or discoloration. 

Weak nails do not grow as they should and they break easily. There are even those have are discolored or have signs of yellowing. Improper care and negligence are believed to be the cause of unhealthy, weak nails. 

When they become weak, they typically become brittle. There are other reasons for weak nails such as long-term exposure to water or even chemicals, which include nail polish and detergents. 

There are elements in practicing a proper nail care regimen and one is to make health dietary and lifestyle changes. There are also natural remedies to make nails stronger such as the use of olive oil, tea tree oil, flax seed, vitamin E oil, and apple cider vinegar. 

Massaging the nails is also helpful as it will improve blood circulation and make the nails healthier and stronger. There are many ingredients to use when massaging the nails such as nail cream, moisturizing lotion, or coconut oil. 

It can be helpful to eat healthy foods more often and avoid using fake nails or nail polish. When doing some work, use gloves to protect the nails. 

Another remedy for nail health is green tea, which has long been believed to be a therapeutic beverage. It has a variety of healing properties such as antioxidants. The antioxidants of green tea are believed to aid in the prevention of brittle nails. 

Green tea is not just believed to strengthen the nails but also eliminate yellow discoloring. To use green tea for weak nails, soak the nails in the tea for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

There are many other therapeutic benefits of using green tea. Green tea is even associated with natural health supplements such as resveratrol, which is also a strong antioxidant (

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