The Debate About Smart Drugs Continues

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( — January 4, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — An article published by By Dale Eisinger on website, reveals how a man called Gordon Cady decided to ingest 700 milligrams of Polyrhachis Ants, who themselves can lift 60 times their own body weight, drag 100 times their own body weight, and were once taken by Chinese emperors. The natural ingredients concealed within the ants like ginseng, protein, vitamin B, and zinc were also discussed in the article.

With human tests now completed, Cady has revealed that the new smart drug will be called Regarind. Speaking about any possible negative effects, he explained: “From my own personal experience, Nootropics will definitely max you out. The ants, though technically a natural vitamin complex, could be referred to as that macho feeling after a fresh pump at the gym.”

UK author of Saltori thinking, Andy Shaw, believes that people who really want to become smarter, should think twice before taking something as risky as smart drugs, and look for a more natural method. He says: “What people should really aim for is a new way of thinking. The Saltori way of thinking helps a person to dismiss negative thoughts without effort, as well as removing any anxiety, stress, fear, worries, depression, feeling overwhelmed, doubt, etc.”

Andy Shaw explains on his website how Saltori Thinking is like structured thought applied without any effort. He adds: “Saltori doesn’t actually teach someone what to think, but shows them how to think. The result being that people can use their mind more effectively to think whatever they need to think! They naturally become smarter, and new thinking patterns automatically help them to resolve any personal problems, whether it be financial or otherwise.”

People from over 140 nations worldwide are currently following the Saltori system of thinking by Andy Shaw, extracts of which can be found on his website,

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