Depression Discussions Continue Among Experts

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( — January 4, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — In the Daily Telegraph, it was reported in the science section that sad friends don’t have any real bearing on depression, though upbeat moods are quite contagious, and can make a real difference. The findings are based on Scientists research carried out at the Manchester and Warwick Universities, who made a study on 2,000 teenagers in order to determine whether their social groups had any influence on how they felt about life.

According to the report, scientists found that happy, mentally stable friends could improve the moods of the depressed, while also discovering that depressed people had no effect over the mindset of the people around them. Dr Thomas House from the University of Manchester said: “Some social factors such as living alone or having experienced abuse as a child, will often influence whether a person ends up being depressed or not.”

Another article released in the Guardian has given credit to a revolutionary “cloth cap”, whic scientists insist that it can be used to help treat depression. Not surprisingly the claims have caused some alarm in fields of Neuroscience and Mental Health, who have voiced calls for a further investigation into whether the “cloth cap” can be used for monitoring brain activity, and whether administering light electrical currents to the different regions of the brain, could actually be used to treat different neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Reports of people overcoming depression have also been published in several newspapers. One World War II blitz survivor has revealed how after 30 years of struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he has now fully overcome his depression. According to Andrew Wray, his total recovery from depression is all thanks to a self-development course called Saltori.

Saltori is currently being followed by people from about 140 countries worldwide. For any depression sufferers wishing to learn more about the Saltori self-development course, free download videos and PDFs are available to download from the official website,

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