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(Newswire.net — November 14, 2017) Jacksonville, FL — The tooth filling has been a part of the dental practitioner’s arsenal of treatments for many years. Advances in filling materials and properties have given dentists increased flexibility in treating conditions like cavities and tooth cracks. One of the leading advances is the composite resin restoration, commonly referred to as “white fillings” or “tooth-colored fillings”. Jacksonville Smile Center, a leading family dental practice in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, embraces this technological advancement in treating their many patients. “Composite resin fillings offer more precision and lifespan than traditional amalgam or silver fillings,” says a spokesperson for the Florida dental practice. “It is a great alternative compared to other filling materials and is safer for the patient.” To learn more about restorative and cosmetic dental treatments available at the dental clinic in Jacksonville, visit http://www.jacksonvillesmilecenter.com/services.html.

Composite or “white” fillings are made from a blend of plastic resins and glass. They can be used to restore decayed teeth or to reshape damaged or disfigured tooth surfaces. Typically, the material is applied in thin layers, with each layer cured using a specialized light source to promote bonding. There are many benefits to this revolutionary filling material; white fillings are bonded to the tooth surface, providing an excellent seal and allowing the dentist to be more conservative when removing decay. This filling material is designed to be placed into smaller cavities, offering increased flexibility in difficult treatment cases. The material can also be blended with the existing tooth structure and coloration, making the repaired area nearly invisible. This is ideal for cosmetic dental procedures, especially on front teeth where traditional fillings may be visible to others. When placed correctly, tooth-colored fillings last for ten to 15 years in most dental cases. And, unlike traditional silver fillings, white fillings can often be repaired without requiring the removal of the entire filling, which saves time and money while reducing discomfort for the patient.

For over ten years, Jacksonville Smile Center has provided its patients with a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. The family dental practice also offers general dentistry and is known for its commitment to outstanding patient care. The dentist, located in Jacksonville Beach, has been recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry with the presentation of the organization’s prestigious Fellow of American General Dentistry award. For more information on the dental practice’s recognition and to learn more about the practice and its treatment options, visit https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00093210-family-dentistry-jacksonville-fl-receives-award.html.

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Founded by Dr. Rafal Marmur, DDS, Jacksonville Smile Center is a family dentistry practice that offers a full range of services to its many patients in the Jacksonville Beach area of Florida. In addition to comprehensive general dentistry, the clinical practice, located on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville, provides a broad selection of cosmetic dental procedures and dental restoration treatments. For over a decade, patients have relied on the award-winning clinic and its reputation for outstanding oral care.

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