Global Healing Event Charity Fundraiser for Orphans

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( — December 20, 2017) Eugene, OR — Cebu Philippines. The holiday season is upon us in full force. While people tend to be nicer and giving, the gifts and the feelings always fade.

One man is trying to change that.

On Friday, Dec. 22nd at 9 PM EST, Ed Strachar will be doing an online, global healing. Ed’s abilities are well documented in the healing arts and has over 1,000 people who have experienced miraculous improvements in their energy, health and vitality.

He does this virtually. More on that in a moment…

His charity fundraiser supports 3 separate orphanages in Nepal and India. Ed has been donating his time, money and healing energy to these orphans for years. Now, he’s allowing others to join in.

“Like any decent human being, I have a desire and the ability to give back. However, instead of writing a check to a charity with their overhead, advertising and expenses, 100% of the funds we raise go directly to the orphanage,” commented Strachar. “What’s even more powerful is this is a gift of healing. Toys are forgotten, lost or broken. But a gift of health can be transformative.”

He went on, “I am so touched by the children and their circumstances. I’ve been traveling to these orphanages for years and healing the children. I felt it was time to do even more, so I created an event where other people can get involved.”

His event is not just for the children, either. Those who donate to this charity event can experience his healing power, personally.

Ed’s ability to heal at a distance comes from his skill to tap into the Universal energy fields and help people become still, unblock their issues and allow the body to do what nobody else can do… heal itself.

“Everything is energy and all energy can be transformed. For most people, their ability to tap into this energy is blocked. It may look like a miracle… but I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of clients cure themselves of Crohn’s disease, Fibromayalia, Bad backs, weak knees, even cancer. I show people how to heal naturally heal themselves. I help people to heal themselves. A person’s healing is ultimately up to them,” said Strachar.

He said, “Think of it this way, you don’t have to tell a cut to kill the germs, create a scab and regrow skin. Our bodies do that better than any doctor or medicine.”

Healing from a distance may sound like a miracle, but hundreds of Strachar’s clients swear by his abilities. His normal private healings are quite expensive and reserved for people with means. By inviting people to a group session, anyone can not only experience this power, but give back to some very needy orphan children at the same time.

Sounds like the perfect way to give and receive the most precious gift of all… health.


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Ed Strachar is an incredibly powerful Remote Distance Healer who specializes in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. Ed has healed thousands of ill, sick, and depressed people all over the world; some within a few minutes, all remotely through internet chat or by phone.

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