The Most Fascinating Structures in New York City

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( — March 13, 2018) — New York City is an incredible place with endless activities and attractions. It is rare for someone not to find something of interest to them during their tour of the Big Apple. In many cases, the buildings and structures alone are worth the trip.

If you have a penchant for architecture and culture, add New York City to your travel bucket list. Here are six of the most interesting structures to look out for during your trip.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a painfully obvious must-see structure, that’s why it has been listed first. First and foremost, the statue is made out of over 60,000 pounds of copper and towers over the water at 151 feet tall.

The statue was a gift from the French, built by Gustav Eiffel, an architect and civil engineer you may recognize as the creator of the Eiffel Tower. Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom and hope and became a beacon for the millions of immigrants sailing into Ellis Island before they could call America home. To book a tour of the Statue of Liberty visit

The Obelisk

The Obelisk, also known as Cleopatra’s Needle, stands at almost 70 feet high, silently watching over Central Park. It is thousands of years old and was transported from Egypt to New York City in the 1800s. The red granite structure weighs about 200 tons (400,000 pounds) and is engraved with ancient hieroglyphs. Its sister obelisks reside in Paris and London.

The Oculus

The Oculus is a controversial train station and shopping center built to replace the PATH station destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is so modern and abstract that it stands out in the otherwise conservative buildings of the Financial District. The design has been described in some interesting ways. Some say it looks like a bird with clipped wings, others say whale bones, and a few think it looks like something from the future.

Oculus is in proximity to the 9/11 memorial site and One World Trade Center, the tallest building in North America.

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is one of the most iconic buildings in New York, in terms of being recognized around the world. When it was built in 1902, it was deemed a groundbreaking architectural accomplishment, and one of the tallest buildings in New York City. It was named for its resemblance to the cast-iron clothes irons used at the time.

The Flatiron Building is now a National Historic Landmark. You can find it at 175 Fifth Avenue, bordering on Broadway and East 22nd Street.

Green-Wood Cemetery

Most people don’t think of touring cemeteries when going on vacation, but they are rife with information and historic architecture. Green-Wood Cemetery in New York City is no exception. This National Historic Landmark used to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and still gets plenty of visitors today.

Filled with the incredible Gothic architecture, elaborate mausoleums, beautiful natural walking trails, and stories about people of the past. Apparently, people have even chosen to get married on this 478-acre expanse.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

In a city full of Gothic and modern architecture, St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue stands out in the crowd. Its neo-Gothic light marble-clad brick walls and spires are directly across from the iconic Rockefeller Center. The cathedral can hold 3,000 people and the organ inside has over 7,800 pipes. The interior is the very definition of Cathedral ceilings, reaching heights of over 100 feet.

New York City is an eclectic mix of styles, unlike any other place in the world. With architectural wonders of the ancient and modern world– and everything in between– you could visit every year and never see it all.