Get Around Gout by Eating Alkaline Grub

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( — March 30, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — There are crystals like the variety found at Tiffany’s and then there are crystals like those granular chunks of stuff collecting around joints. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a condition called gout which occurs due to over acidity of the blood depositing crystals, the unwelcomed kind, at strategic points throughout the body. 

“Gout, a painful form of arthritis, is the build-up of excess uric acid that results in crystals that cause pain in joints, most often the lower joints and especially the big toe,” says “In addition to the big toe, gout can affect the insteps, ankles, heels, knees, wrists, fingers and elbows. Moreover, a gout attack can be brought on by stressful events, alcohol, drugs or another illness. In many instances, certain foods increase the possibility of having an attack.” 

Poor dietary decisions are typically associated with the development of gout so the best means of countering this is to make more informed selections when picking out ingredients or food on the go. The HealthyWiser™ AlkaBoost™ Alkaline Dietary Supplement is an ideal addition to any diet plan as it’s formulated with organic fruits and vegetable multivitamins to meet daily nutritional needs and support the immune system. Also eating less acid forming foods will certainly minimize the risk of having gout and the steady joint pains that come with it especially when paired with a supplement.  

 “Since gout attacks when there’s excessive uric acid in your blood that causes urate crystals to form in your joints, crystalization in the joints is because of an overtasked kidney function,” explains Health Alkaline. “After you have eaten, your body goes to work to break down purines, while you do that, you produce uric acid within. Purines can be found naturally in your body, and also in foods, like organ meats, anchovies, asparagus, mushrooms and herring.” 

The human body is meticulously designed to filter blood of uric acid by way of the kidneys as it’s dissolved and excreted via urine but when there’s an influx of acid surpassing the volume the kidneys can process within an efficient frame of time, in such instances, the surplus acid is redirected to less critical sections of the body for storage and is lodged in a sharp needle-like crystal form hence inflammation and swelling at those sites.  

“Among other important functions, the kidneys are responsible for balancing the pH of the body chemistry,” details “Because there is an over-abundance or accumulation of so many other acidic materials currently in the body, the kidneys simply do not have the capacity to deal with the uric acid. The alternative method that the ingenious human body has devised for this occasion, is to allow the excess uric acid to crystallize in a joint far from the vital organs.” 

Staying alkaline is the easiest and most effective way to soothe and even circumvent gout all together. The internal pH level of the body is critical for most organs to function optimally, the stomach being one of the few exceptions. Dieting with emphasis on alkaline forming foods is the first recommended step to maintaining a balanced pH then including a supplement like the HealthyWiser™ AlkaBoost™ really puts the body in excellent health.

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