Magnesium’s Ability to Absorb Calcium Beneficial for Arthritis

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( — April 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, millions of people from around the world are struggling on a daily basis due to the painful condition called arthritis. While there are pain relievers available, health experts recommend that sufferers consider what certain minerals can offer to manage the condition.

Magnesium’s ability to absorb calcium is found to be beneficial for arthritis. There are two most prevalent forms of arthritis, namely osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions affect millions of people in the United States alone, and are known to be one of the major causes of disability.

Arthritis could be an extremely difficult condition to live with. It causes lots of symptoms like pain, stiffness and immobility, which could reduce the overall quality of life of sufferers. There have even been individuals with arthritis who are unable to work due to the condition.

Medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely popular among individuals with arthritis. NSAIDs are particularly known for the quick pain-relieving effects they offer. However unfortunately, these medications could cause adverse effects like the increased risk of heart attack, stroke and gastrointestinal bleeding.

This is why it is best to consider what natural remedies like magnesium can offer. It is important to understand that magnesium deficiency could also prevent calcium absorption. Calcium is needed for bone development and reduction to its damage. When the body experiences a decrease in magnesium levels, it also impedes the proper absorption of calcium. When they are collected in soft tissues, it normally leads to the development of arthritis.

Increasing calcium uptake has also been found to not resolve the problem. As long as the body experiences magnesium deficiency, there will always be improper use of calcium. It is further worth realizing that when there is an excess amount of calcium and magnesium deficiency at the same time, it could lead to the onset of arthritis.

Thus, it is extremely important to maintain the balance of magnesium and calcium uptake. Researchers recommend that calcium absorption is needed in prevention arthritis progression. To maintain proper calcium absorption, appropriate amounts of magnesium are needed by the body. This is believed to be how the mineral plays in the prevention and treatment of the condition.

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In addition to magnesium, it also contains citric acid that works by increasing the absorption of magnesium inside the body.


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