Health Authorities Now Strongly Warn Against the Foods Threatening Brain Health

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( — February 13, 2019) Orlando, FL — Today, there are many experts who strongly recommend the consumption of brain-health protecting foods. However, an increasing number of people are still suffering from health issues affecting brain health.

Scientists warn against increased intake of sugary beverages like sports drinks, soda, fruit juice, and energy drinks. These beverages have been found to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and some other types of dementia.

In animal studies, it has been found high intake of fructose can result in insulin resistance in the brain. It can also decrease memory, brain function, learning, and even the formation of brain neurons.

Scientists also warn against intake of refined carbohydrates, such as sugars and high processed grains like white flour.

According to studies, they often have a high glycemic index (GI), which the body can digest quickly. When this happens, it produces a spike in the levels of blood sugar and insulin.

Many health experts strongly recommend regular intake of brain-healthy foods. This doesn’t only improve memory but also wards off conditions like depression.

Individuals who want to take better care of their brain health may also consider avoiding or reducing their intake of foods rich in trans fats.

It is worth mentioning that in some studies, those who consumed higher amounts of trans fats were more susceptible to poorer memory, Alzheimer’s disease, lower brain volume and cognitive decline.

There are other foods to avoid like highly processed foods and aspartame.

When it comes to addressing the root cause of mood changes, it is wise to consider the possibility of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Studies have shown reduced levels of B12 have been associated with the onset of certain mood and brain disorders. This particularly includes dementia and depression.

Scientists theorized that the “homocysteine hypothesis of depression” may be a potential explanation for this link.

Such a theory suggests that high homocysteine levels due to reduced B12 amounts could produce brain tissue damage. It may even interfere with the signals from and to the brain, which then results in mood changes.

It is worth mentioning that in some studies, supplementation of B12 in those with deficiency of the B vitamin has led to the reversal of symptoms.

Health authorities have long warned that changes to mood and diseases like dementia and depression may be due to various causes. However, supplementation of B12 may be the potential solution to the problem.

What makes increased intake of vitamin B12 is that it is associated with a myriad of health benefits.

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