Research Now Focuses on the Bad Cholesterol People Should Be Warned Against

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( — February 18, 2019) Orlando, FL — Cholesterol levels can have significant impacts on the human body. There is good or HDL cholesterol, and there is also the LDL or bad cholesterol which consumers should make an effort to reduce.

Health authorities warn that there are dangers in maintaining bad or LDL cholesterol levels. It is important to understand that when cholesterol levels are excessively high, deposits build up in the arteries.

It is worth mentioning that these fatty deposits cause hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels, which is a condition called atherosclerosis. Narrower vessels inhibit oxygen to reach the heart muscles, and this often increases the risk of a heart attack.

When this happens in the brain, it leads to a stroke.

In the United States, it has been found there are more than 73.5 million people or roughly 32 percent have high LDL levels. Of these, only one in three is able to control their condition.

There are risk factors to avoid such as living a sedentary lifestyle and choosing the wrong foods to take regularly.

Scientists have been investigating the therapeutic effects of probiotics in terms of heart health.

Studies have shown probiotics aid in reducing the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and even blood pressure. In this way, according to investigators, it aids in fighting heart disease.

It is worth realizing that a certain lactic acid-producing bacteria may also lessen cholesterol by breaking down bile in the gut. Bile, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring mostly-cholesterol-made fluid that aids in digestion.

Through its ability to break down bile, probiotics prevent its reabsorption in the gut, which is where it could otherwise enter the blood as cholesterol.

There have been studies revealing that probiotics are helpful for heart health.

In a review of 5 studies, it has been found that consumption of a probiotic yogurt in a span of 2 to 8 weeks led to a reduction in total cholesterol by 4 percent, and LDL by 5 percent.

Some researchers further suggest that consumption of probiotics may aid in reducing blood cholesterol. In a review of 9 studies, probiotic supplementation led to a reduction in blood pressure.

More studies may further reveal the healing goodness of probiotics. However, its use has long been highly recommended by experts.

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