Jacksonville Home Inspection Firm Launched

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(Newswire.net — April 24, 2019) — Jacksonville, FL — Jacksonville Beach, FL home inspection firm First Choice Building Inspections announced that it offers complimentary thermal imaging scans along with every home inspection. The thermal imaging identifies hot and cold spots for further investigation as potential electrical overheating or plumbing leaks.

Jacksonville Beach, FL home inspection firm First Choice Building Inspections announced that it would provide free thermal imaging scans on all residential inspections. Thermal imaging allows professional home inspectors to detect changes in temperature as indicators of possible localized overheating or leaks.

More information about First Choice Building Inspections is available at https://www.fcbijax.com

The Jacksonville Beach residential inspection firm uses the latest in infrared imaging technology to generate a “heat map” of different parts of a house. These heat maps give inspectors information about temperature differences in specific areas of a room.

While some hot or cold spots are routine, these variations become significant when they are detected around electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, or air ducts. Cold spots near air conditioning or recessed pipes could indicate a small water leak or the presence of moisture behind the wall. Hot spots could be caused by faulty electrical wiring or overheating circuit breakers or fuses.

First Choice Building Inspections uses thermal imaging as an early detection technology to improve the effectiveness of a home inspection. The firm emphasizes that infrared imaging is a precursor and not a substitute for moisture measurement & analysis, X-ray scanning, or other imaging methods. Infrared helps inspectors compile information about gaps in a home’s insulation or places where drywall has been placed over a heating or ventilation duct.

The home inspection company in Jacksonville Beach offers same-day reporting, special 4-point insurance reports, and digital photographs and video footage if required.

According to a spokesperson for the Duval County home inspection specialists, “We are known for our superior technology, our availability with scheduling, and our prompt report delivery. We provide a more in-depth inspection using infrared imaging technology to ensure that buyers, sellers, and realtors have a clear and true report about the condition of the property.”

First Choice Building Inspections is a full-service home inspection company that is licensed to operate in the State of Florida. The company’s professional home inspectors are certified by InterNACHI.

More information is available by calling 904-450-5568 and by visiting the URL above or at https://goo.gl/maps/zt8ZSk7zXcdTfHZi9.