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(Newswire.net — April 23, 2019) — Being an employee in today’s world is a very difficult role to play. Because firstly, an employee has to face the cut-throat competition in the industry as a result of the enormous human resources present almost everywhere across the world. But besides this competition problem, there are many other problems on account of employer company’s personnel policies (promotion, transfers, termination,etc.), workplace environment (basic amenities, recreational facilities, welfare facilities, etc.), the relationship between the management-employees, employees-subordinates, etc.

And the sad part is that employees can resolve none of the problems arising out of the above reasons on their own. They have to either request to the management, or report to the grievance redressal committee, or else sadly accept things the way they are.

Employment Law Firms – Your Savior

But then appears the employment laws into the picture. In countries like the UK and the USA, the employees are considered topmost priority in an organization and the employment laws are to be strictly followed by all the employer companies.

Therefore, if you are facing any of the employment problems like Discrimination by Age, Gender, ethnicity, race, etc.  or insufficient Wages/Salary payment, or Partial Personnel policies of transfers, promotions, etc. then you need not to worry. If you are employed in UK, USA, etc., simply approach a reputed Employment law firm, and they’ll handle the rest. If you are employed in the USA, you can get in touch with https://hersheyinjurylaw.com for the best legal solutions to your problems at the workplace.

Problems Covered & Resolved by Employment law firms

1)      Protection against Discrimination

The most pervasive problem in the human resources department of an organization is the discrimination amongst the employees. There’s discrimination done against all kinds of employees, be it a prospect, a present employee or a former employee. A prospective employee can be discriminated during the selection process on the basis of his race, a nation of origin, color, sexual orientation, etc. An existing employee can be discriminated on the basis of age, partial policies of promotions and transfers, etc. while the former employees might have faced termination of their employment on unlawful grounds.

An Employment Law firm shall specifically apply the provisions of The Employment and Labor Law, 2018 of USA wherever applicable, and safeguard you against all kinds of discrimination in all stages of your employment period. 

2)      Ensuring Minimum Payment of Your Wages/Salary

Many times, it can be seen that Employees form groups known as labor unions and then go on a strike demanding fair wages and salaries. This happens because employer companies reduce the employees’ pay scale during adverse economic conditions like a recession. As a result, many employees are denied the amount of wage they deserve and have to settle for much less. This compels them to fight for their right to appropriate wages rates through labor strikes. But you won’t even have to do all of these troublesome activities if you have simply approached a good law firm.

The law firm shall sue your employer under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which ensures you the payment of a minimum wage amount in any given circumstances.

3)      Protection against Unlawful Termination of Employment

Termination of Employment is also covered under the Employment and Labor Law, 2018. It can be done either by you of your own accord or by your employer company in the form of firing you. In both these scenarios, the termination is valid as long as it is lawful. But termination becomes unlawful when the employer wants you to engage in some unethical or illegal activity, but you refuse to do so, and then employer terminates your employment. Another factor is that termination by either party to employment is allowed without any notice, but the reasons of termination need to be notified, and they must be reasonable and bottom unacceptable. Thus, an employee cannot just remove the employee because he feels like doing so.

All these provisions of the Act must be duly followed, and if not followed, then the Employment law firm shall help you in taking correct legal action. 

4)      Protecting Your Right to Take leave for Medical, Family or Maternity Reasons

Every Employee has an equal right to take leave on the grounds of Medical illness or Family problems. Again, women also have a separate right to Maternity leave. This right to take leaves is covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), according to which every employee in the USA has a right to take unpaid leave off at the most 12 weeks during which there’s 100% job safety.  

But most of the times it is seen that there are employee-management clashes due to the management disallowing leaves to employees citing organizational goals pending as reasons. In such situations, an Employment law firm ensures that you get the amount if leave you to deserve under the FMLA and can help you sue your employer in case of ultra vires behavior against this Act. 

5)      Protecting Your Right to Proper Workplace Environment

An Employment Law firm also helps you to get a proper workplace environment where there are all the required facilities like basic amenities, recreational centers, and welfare facilities. All these aspects, ensure that you as an employee are fully content and giving your 10/% efficiency for the organization. 

The law firm shall also help you if you are facing hostility at the workplace from either your superiors or your subordinates on wrongful grounds. If you want to be a whistle-blower, i.e., if you want to expose a particular fellow employee or a management person, for indulging into unlawful acts like corruption or frauds, then the law firms will definitely help you throughout the process.


Employment can be a very tricky drill given the level of human resource problems present in every organization. There are favoritism issues in the personnel policies, discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national of origin, etc., inadequate compensation, poor workplace environment, hostile relations between employee-management. All these problems are pretty common and faced by every employee at some of the other phase of his employment. But while there are other options available to tackle these problems, the best way is to use the services of a reputed Employment law firm which ensures safeguarding their client employees from discrimination, proper wage payment, workplace facilities, etc.