Authorities Warn Against the Very Real Dangers of Antibiotics

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( — September 23, 2019) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections are often addressed through the use of antibiotics, which have long been found to be a life-saving medication. However, it is also important to understand that the use of this pharmaceutical drug has now known to be a threat.

According to the report by the Guardian, about 700,000 individuals die annually due to drug-resistant infections.

Dr. Adrian Brink, a clinical microbiologist with Ampath, discusses the dangers of overusing antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance means that the bacteria have been repeatedly exposed to antibiotics that they have already become resilient to it. This means antibiotics no longer serve their purpose in killing bacteria.

In addition to antibiotic resistance, this type of medication has been found to produce an imbalance in the gut flora. This leads in the increase in the levels of bad bacteria in the gut.

When this happens, it could lead in nervous system disorders, depression, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and anxiety.

The demand for antibiotics increases due to the high prevalence of UTIs. However unfortunately, this type of medication appears to do massive health dangers than benefits.

Individuals who want to fight UTIs without being exposed to side effects caused by antibiotics may take into account using D-mannose.

Natural remedies like D-mannose are gaining increasing popularity due to their ability to fight UTIs. In a 2013 study, D-mannose has been found to reduce the symptoms of UTI in female subjects with an active infection.

The researchers even reveal that it was more effective than antibiotics, especially in preventing additional infections. In 2016, a study involving 43 women with an active UTI has found the use of D-mannose worked in enhancing symptoms.

This natural healing sugar may be useful as a preventive remedy against this painful infection. D-mannose is actually being widely used nowadays by those with recurrent UTIs and individuals who are susceptible to the infection.

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