Chronic Fatigue and Burnout Book Co-Authorship Opportunity for Doctors Announced

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( — September 26, 2019) —

Dr. Nadia Samples announced that she is looking for 12 co-authors for her new book on chronic fatigue, overwhelm and burnout, and welcomes applications from health care professionals in a variety of fields.

Dr. Nadia Samples, a healthcare professional specializing in in chronic fatigue treatments, invites fellow health care professionals to contribute to her upcoming new book, Wired For Tired: 12 Health Care Professionals Unlock the Remedy for Burnout, Overwhelm and Fatigue. The co-authors will have the chance to share their insights and experiences with the larger public, have their names featured in mainstream media, and make a positive impact in the lives of their readers.

The co-authorship application form can be found at

Dr. Samples’ invitation extends to any health care professional who has experience in the areas of chronic or adrenal fatigue, overwhelm, executive burnout and related conditions. She welcomes partnerships with doctors in any field, from psychologists to neurologists, endocrinologists and any others.

Accepted co-authors will have the chance to share their experiences and advice with millions of potential readers, as well as enjoying an extensive range of professional benefits.

Dr. Nadia Samples has partnered with leading digital marketer Doug Crowe of Authority Fusion to ensure a high-performance marketing and promotion strategy for her new book. She has also contracted a leading publisher to increase the chances that the new book will reach no. 1 best-selling status in at least one health niche on Amazon.

The health care professionals who will be accepted for co-authorship will be featured in a professional interview distributed on two or more popular health podcasts. This will allow them to share their message with listeners throughout the world while positioning themselves as experts in their field.

The promotion strategy also includes professional articles on hundreds of digital news station, thus offering further benefits in terms of online visibility, authority and reputation.

Each co-author will also receive an electronic press kit and the right to a best-selling author credential, thus validating their status and significantly improving their professional presence.

The application form is available at the website included above. Candidates can also e-mail Dr. Nadia Samples directly at

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.