Brain Scientists Suggest Adult Coloring Helps Replace Negative Thoughts

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( — November 25, 2019) Wilmington, DL — Today, more and more scientists are looking into the best possible ways to help people ward off negativity.

There are many ways to fight stress and negativity, and one is to use an adult coloring book. In some studies, it has been shown the use of adult coloring books offer many benefits.

According to Dr. Joel Pearson,concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones.

Dr. Joel Pearson, a brain scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, told Medical Daily.

There are many adult coloring books available today, and they come in various intricate designs and high-quality papers. These are widely resorted to by adults who are looking for stress relief and a way to relax.

“You have to look at the shape and size, you have to look at the edges, and you have to pick a color. It should occupy the same parts of the brain that stop any anxiety-related mental imagery happening as well,” Pearson adds.

A study in the Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, also reveals that coloring has the ability to temporarily prevent the colorists from continuing their inner dialogue.

It also allows them to deeply engage in an activity that removes them from the flow of negative thoughts and emotions that can sometimes dominate their lives.

In fully enjoying the therapeutic benefits and experience of adult coloring, it is also best to ensure that the coloring book is paired with gel pens.

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