Fresh Evidence Strongly Suggests Sleep Is Beneficial for Cardiovascular Health

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( — December 23, 2019) Winnetka, IL — Multiple research studies suggest that sleep is vital for human health and survival. It is so important that the lack of it has been linked with the onset of various diseases and disorders.

According to recent evidence, sleep aids in regulating a mechanism that offers protection from the hardening of the arteries. This means that good-quality sleep is essential in achieving and maintaining cardiovascular health.

It was the scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA, along with their colleagues from other research centers who studied the atherosclerosis development in mice.

They found that mice who were sleep deprived had larger plaques in their arteries compared to those with a decent sleep.

This interesting study was published in the Nature journal.

According to Filip K. Swirski, Ph.D., senior study author, they have identified a mechanism by which a brain hormone controls production of inflammatory cells in the bone marrow in a way that helps protect the blood vessels from damage.

Swirski is an associate professor at MGH and Harvard Medical School, also in Boston.

Unfortunately according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there was an estimated 35 percent of American adults who had less than 7 hours of sleep regularly for every 24-hour period in 2014.

It is worth noting that lack of sleep has been associated with the increased risk of long-term health issues. These include depression, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. This is why it is always best to take the helpful measures in ensuring good quality and decent sleep.

One of these measures is to use a natural remedy called ashwagandha, which is an ancient medicinal herb. It has been found this herb works wonders in restoring the natural mechanisms of the body to regulate sleep.

Ashwagandha has been found to aid in sleep due to its ability to fight stress. It is important to realize that high levels of the stress hormone called cortisol have been linked with insomnia.

This multipurpose medicinal herb is considered an adaptogen, and this means it could aid in handling stress better. As a matter of fact in some studies, it has been found to reduce cortisol levels by as much as 27 percent.

Scientists even say that ashwagandha has neuro-protective properties that can aid in decreasing and repairing brain cell damage. This is another way it aids in fighting sleep issues.

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