Experts Now Reveal the Aging Difference Between Men and Women

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( — January 10, 2020) Orlando, FL — The World Health Organization reveals that in the United States, women liver longer than men by five years. According to researchers, this only demonstrates that the gas is larger. Scientists have actually been investigating on the reasons why women tend to outlive men.

There are factors identified to contribute to aging and longevity, and it includes smoking, alcohol abuse, reckless driving, and going to war. 

Some research studies have found that it could also be due to the differences in the male immune system. While heart disease affects any gender, men have been found to be more likely to have a heart attack.

According to Andrew Kimbrell, author of “The Masculine Mystique,” though heart attacks are also the number one killer of women, almost three-quarters of women who die of heart attacks are 75 years or older. 

“By this time the average man has been dead for almost two years,” he adds.

When it comes to slowing down aging in a natural way, it may be beneficial to learn about what macrominerals like magnesium can offer.

In some scientific evidence, it has been found reduce levels of magnesium are associated with aging and age-related conditions. 

Some studies have shown that cultures in low magnesium (Mg) speeds up the death of human endothelial cells and fibroblasts. 

Health authorities warn that magnesium inadequacy could interfere with cellular metabolism, which could undeniably affect this process. Dr. Jean Durlach, a preeminent magnesium expert in France, was able to summarize the existing research on magnesium and aging.

When magnesium deficiency happens in the elderly, it often produces central nervous system symptoms. This includes insomnia, light-headedness, dizziness, nervous fits, anxiety, excessive emotionality, fatigue, head­aches, sensation of a lump in the throat, and impaired breath­ing.

In the Magnesium Miracle book 2004 study, it has been revealed that elevated levels of magnesium plays a significant role in memory enhancement. Experts say that certain brain receptors essential for learning and memory actually rely on magnesium for their regulation. 

While more studies are still underway to investigate more of magnesium’s aging benefits, its use is actually highly recommended. There are magnesium-rich foods available, but sprays like Purest Vantage Magnesium Oil are also popular.

Purest Vantage Magnesium Oil makes absorption of this mineral effective and easy. This means that the use of this spray can significantly help increase the levels of magnesium inside the body. 

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