Salt Lake City Drug and Alcohol Rehab Outpatient Residential Treatment Launched

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( — January 24, 2020) — Salt Lake City, UT — Salt Lake City Drug Rehab has launched professional residential, outpatient and detoxification treatment services for people suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab has launched professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment services. The company offers various methods of treatment including outpatient, residential, and detoxification.

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The team at Salt Lake City Drug Rehab is passionate about helping people struggling with drug and alcohol overcome their addiction. They employ various rehabilitation methods and work closely with each individual patient and their families to decide what type of treatment is best for them.

Residential (inpatient) rehabilitation treatment programs are offered and vary in length based on the intensity of the individual case. Patients can be admitted for 30, 60, and 90-day residential stays. Included in residential treatments are intensive group, family and individual counseling work, as well as medical detoxification if required.

A more lenient approach is the outpatient program, where patients continue to live in their own home with frequent, scheduled counselling sessions where progress will be monitored.

The facility incorporates many of the proven treatment modalities into their various treatment options. These modalities include alcoholics anonymous and the 12-step program, anger management, faith-based treatment, case management, and co-dependency.

Other modalities incorporated into treatment strategies are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), daily living skills, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), evidence-based therapy, experiential/recreational (outdoor therapy), family, individual, motivational interviewing, shame vs. guilt sessions, and therapeutic group community.

This rehab center uses the Utah landscape as a way to incorporate outdoor therapy into their rehabilitation practices. The facility believes nature can offer therapeutic opportunities to recovery. Rather than having patients be stuck inside during their treatment, the facility encourages and arranges recreational activities to aid treatment.

The facility believes that all drug and alcohol addicts can be helped when the appropriate treatment is applied and adhered to. Interested parties can find more information and book a tour of the facility at the link above.