Why are Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Happening?

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(Newswire.net — January 23, 2020) — When someone has been diagnosed with a hernia, there are a few treatment options available; however, the vast majority of hernias are going to eventually end in surgery. When someone travels to the operating room to have a hernia repaired, he or she doesn’t assume that complications are going to arise. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens for people who have untested and unproven hernia mesh implanted. This has led to a flurry of hernia mesh lawsuits. There are a few reasons why these suits are being filed.

One of the main reasons why these lawsuits are being filed is that many of these meshes are being implanted without having been tested properly. It is important for all surgical equipment to be tested in detailed clinical trials before they are ever used in human patients. If there are any potential side effects or complications, this information needs to be disclosed. With many types of herniamesh, this didn’t happen. Sometimes, hernia mesh was implanted without ever having been tested in a single human patient. This is a tremendous oversight and has already harmed countless people. In some cases, these complications end up being permanent. Even though hernia mesh recalls are being issued, for many patients who have already developed serious complications, this is too little too late.

The major complications following hernia mesh implants is another reason why these lawsuits are being filed. For the many patients who have had hernia mesh implanted, there are a few serious complications that might arise. First, some types of hernia mesh can cut through a patient’s nerves, resulting in chronic pain. This can also lead to the loss of important motor or sensory functions. Next, hernia mesh can even remove a woman’s ability to bear children. For those of child-bearing age, this is nothing short of disastrous. Sadly, many of these complications end up being permanent. Even if the mesh is removed, these wounds will not heal.

Finally, some types of hernia mesh aren’t even effective at keeping a hernia closed. The idea behind hernia mesh is to reinforce the body’s soft tissue. This is important because it can prevent the hernia from coming back. Unfortunately, some types of mesh end up tearing, leading to a recurrent hernia. This means that someone has to go back to the operating room, have the old mesh removed, have the hernia repaired, and have the new mesh implanted. This is what happens when hernia mesh isn’t appropriately tested.

The end result of all of these problems is that hernia mesh lawsuits are being filed. Different types of hernia mesh are being recalled. Anyone who has suffered a complication following hernia mesh implants needs to let their doctor know. There are always professionals who can lend a helping hand to those in need.