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( — February 5, 2020) — Gulfport, MS — Gulfport family law attorney M. Channing Powell announced that he can provide complete divorce law services for clients in Gulfport, Biloxi, and the surrounding areas.

M. Channing Powell, an experienced lawyer based in Gulfport, Mississippi, released an updated range of services for clients interested in expert divorce law solutions. The family law attorney specializes in both non-contested and contested divorce, helping clients navigate the complex aspects related to child custody, child support, property division and many others.

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With the recent announcement, Channing Powell strives to provide a compassionate, client-centered legal solution for clients in Gulfport and the surrounding areas.

Depending on the willingness of the partners to agree and cooperate, getting a divorce may take anywhere from 60 days to several years. While a non-contested divorce is the fastest way to finalize a divorce, it is common for the parties to contest various aspects related to child custody and property division, which can considerably delay the final verdict.

Channing Powell works closely with each client to determine their needs and goals, and help them choose the legal option which best meets their interests.

Depending on the complexities of each case, his services can include everything from assistance in coming to an agreement and preparing for a non-disputed divorce to partnering with forensic accountants to correctly identify all marital assets and preparing the case for litigation.

As a retired member of the US Army and the Mississippi National Guard, the Gulfport attorney also specializes in the challenging area of military divorces.

A member of The Mississippi Bar and The Order of Barristers, Channing Powell has over three decades of experience working with clients in a variety of family law cases, including divorce, child custody, paternity actions and estate planning.

A spokesperson for the Gulfport attorney said: “Channing Powell is an experienced attorney, skilled litigator and certified public accountant. He combines all of those skills to provide a higher level of legal representation for the lower six coastal counties of Mississippi including: Harrison, Hancock, Stone, Pearl River, Jackson and George Counties.”

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