Scientists Now Claim Resveratrol Protects Against Hearing Loss

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( — February 11, 2020) Orlando, FL — Resveratrol is undeniably a widely studied natural remedy. It has been found to offer a range of health benefits, which include those favorable to the auditory sense.

The World Health Organization has revealed the estimates on the prevalence of hearing loss, as well as the magnitude of hearing loss. These estimates were based on 42 population-based studies.

In 2012, it has been found that 360 million people from around the world suffer from disabling hearing loss. This accounts for 5.3 percent of the global population. 

Researchers further discovered that 328 million or 91 percent are adults and 32 million or 9 percent are children. 

The Institute of Health Matrix and Evaluation’s 2010 GBD estimates study has identified the Asia Pacific, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa have the highest disabling hearing loss over 65 years of age. 

A study was published in the journal Otolarnygology-Head and Neck Surgery online.

In this research, scientists found that resveratrol has demonstrated protective effects on noise-induced hearing loss.

What makes it even more beneficial is that it could also prevent toxicity of ear due to a chemotherapeutic agent often used in the treatment of cancer. 

Michael D. Seidman, study researcher, said that resveratrol is a very powerful chemical that seems to protect against the body’s inflammatory process as it relates to aging, cognition and hearing loss.

Seidman is the director of the Division of Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital.

It is worth mentioning resveratrol can be found in red grapes and red wine, and has long been popularized as a strong antioxidant. 

Investigators looked into the manner that resveratrol impacted the COX-2 and reactive oxygen species. These are proteins that play a role in inflammation and cell signaling of the body. 

Scientists found that when rats were exposed to extremely loud noise, there was an increase in the COX-2 protein expression. 

Rats treated with resveratrol experienced inhibition in protein expression. There was also a decrease in the formation of oxygen species. Afterward, the subjects experienced less hearing loss. 

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