Radio Music Broker FM Airplay For Artists Developing Musician Service Launched

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( — February 25, 2020) — A new radio music broker service has been launched, called Music Real Estate. It is designed fo artists of all experience levels, and helps them to build brand recall with consistent airplay.

A new radio music broker service has been launched for artists, songwriters, producers and musicians looking for more exposure. Music Real Estate provides consistent ratio airplay exposure, which means artists no longer get drowned in a pool of millions of albums.

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The site explains that Music Real Estate levels the playing field for the independent record company or new developing artist. The team gives artists an opportunity for receiving real radio airplay. Music Real Estate offers customized major commercial FM radio campaigns to help raise awareness, increase exposure and skyrocket interest.

The radio brokers offer a cutting edge digital delivery service to help artists get on the radio more reliably. They also provide weekly tracking reports, National airplay charting, and digital billboard distribution.

Artists can use the service to get consistent exposure for their music. It creates brand recall, and builds a radio airplay story before approaching major FM radio.

Music Real Estate breaks down the barrier to entry for radio airtime. The team emphasizes that radio is not dead, and it no longer costs $200k to get music played on air.

The radio airplay promotion experts behind the Music Real Estate service guarantee airplay. Unlike many other services, it guarantees songs getting played through label contracts and  strategic partnerships with radio station owners.

Musicians can get their songs played on all levels of radio, including internet, satellite, college and terrestrial commercial FM radio.

Getting radio airtime for songs is still of utmost importance, especially for developing artists. The national radio audience hit an all-time high for the second year in a row in 2019.

Because radio stations stick to a program schedule, with shows curated based on genre, music gets a consistent spot. Radio also creates brand recall, building a brand for the artist and the song.

A recent client said: “We have worked on several projects over the years. Everything is done with great detail. It’s very rare to find someone who is passionate about their work.”

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