Feel the Ban: How Oregon Retailers Can Comply With State’s Plastic Bag Ban

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(Newswire.net — February 24, 2020) Bend, OR — Starting in January, Oregon grocery stores, retailers and restaurants were required to stop using most plastic bags and charge customers 5 cents per bag for paper or reusable fabric bags. While some greeted the new law with confusion and consternation, the ban is a perfect opportunity for businesses who want to show their environmental side while spreading the word for their services.

How? Reusable bags. With costs as low as $1 per bag, reusable bags allow even the tiniest of businesses to amp up their marketing and branding efforts; in fact, custom printed bags create nearly 6,000 consumer impressions over an average lifespan.

ReuseThisBag.com, based in Bend, Oregon, is one of the original and oldest custom reusable bag providers in the U.S., offering more than 800,000 custom imprinted promotional products, including hundreds of reusable bag options for retailers.

With Oregon retailers now required to charge customers for reusable fabric bags, the state’s ban presents a golden opportunity for businesses to sell or even give away branded custom bags that have imprinted logos or designs.

“We’ve long known of the benefits of reusable bags for consumers, and the Oregon ban should show just how valuable these tools can be for businesses as well. After all, if a retailer is required to charge a customer for each bag they receive, you might as well make sure your logo is on that bag,” said Douglas Lober, Chief Products Officer at ReuseThisBag.com.

Violating the new ban could be quite costly for retailers, who are subject to a $250 fine for each day they don’t comply with the rules. Retail stores also are permitted to conduct a total of 12 days of promotional bag giveaways per year.

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