Samuel Leach: COVID-19 Predictions & Analysis

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( — March 27, 2020) —

Working in isolation for quite some time, leading stock market trader Samuel Leach has begun to explore the relative connectivity between the skill sets he typically used to determine stock market activity, and the predictive accuracy these skill sets could have on predicting the global pandemic’s path. An expert in analyzing natural behaviors, and implementing predictions based on these patterns and behaviors, Leach began to apply the skills generally reserved for stock market-related decision making into the vast unknown of the Coronavirus’ movement. Though seemingly unpredictable and untamable by some, Leach recognized the various attributes that would undoubtedly play a role in the growth of the pandemic and correctly implemented his professional strategies to create effective predictions.

Using Population Information

Previously predicting high rates of death from Coronavirus in Italy and Japan, Leach was unfortunately proven correct to date. Initially, he generated this stance by looking at each country’s population statistics, including the relative average age of the population. Understanding that Japan and Italy have the highest “older-aged” populations, Leach inferred that the combination of older age, along with the presumptive complications that would undoubtedly target older individuals, would lead to a higher death rate. Since the proverbial early days of the novel virus’ spread, numerous cases have been reported amongst all age brackets. However, rates of death have remained at their highest for the oldest age ranges, rendering Italy and Japan particularly vulnerable.

Using Humanistic Behavioral Patterns

Along with Italy’s vast population of older aged individuals, Leach also accounted for all widely accepted social practices that would render particular groups more susceptible to Coronavirus than others. Amongst men in Italy, highly socialized smoking practices provided a vastly increased risk of spreading Coronavirus. According to Leach, not only did the prevalence of smoking deplete effective lung functionality amongst smokers, but the social aspect of smoking rendered larger groups of individuals as being able to easily spread the virus amongst their social groups. With increased social exposure, the risks for spreading Coronavirus also increased, an undeniable pattern witnessed in many practical applications of patterns. Unfortunately, Leach’s prediction of human behaviors leading to dissemination of the virus was deemed correct, as Italy’s numbers of Coronavirus cases continued to soar.

Using Initial Firsts As Precedent

 In determining what the world can expect next, Leach will now be looking to China to determine patterns, behaviors, and outcomes based on the country’s newly announced decision to lift the isolation requirement throughout the Hubei Province, with the exception of the city of Wuhan. As the Coronavirus’ initial epicenter, outcomes and behaviors related to Coronavirus can be used as a relative benchmark for the rest of the world. First, China’s decision to lift this ban resulted in the general proposal of a 2 to 3 month isolation timeline for other countries, based on China’s timeline. In the aftermath of this isolation lift, general results can also act as benchmarks for what can be expected throughout other countries after a similar lift has been implemented, including whether or not a second wave of the Coronavirus will present as a credible concern in the realm of post-isolation. For Leach, recognizing patterns and algorithms in the events that unfold will generate his newest predictions for the continued movement of the Coronavirus pandemic, and undoubtedly lead to newly garnered insights.

About Samuel Leach

As the Founder and CEO of namesake stock market trading training company, Samuel & Co. Trading, Samuel Leach works to provide novice traders with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to create long-term success within the field. Implementing bespoke practices, algorithms, and patterns to determine the most fruitful courses of action, Leach has created a bespoke trading methodology that has garnered the attention of over 3,000 individuals across 63 countries. Launched in 2012, Samuel & Co. Trading has enjoyed continued growth, propelling Samuel Leach as an industry leader.

As a student at the University of Hertfordshire, Leach became a self-taught trader, perfecting pertinent skills needed to successfully enter the markets via a £2,000 educational stipend. Within his inaugural year of trading, Leach transformed this humble initial investment into £178,000, rendering his entrance into the realm of trading vastly successful. Recognizing Leach’s prominent successes within the markets, several fledgling traders sought his counseling to enter the profession, sparking the initial idea for Samuel & Co. Trading.

In addition to providing educational services via his company, and publishing his first book, “The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm”, Leach continues to actively trade stocks.

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