Can a Business Coach Help Your Small Business at This Time?

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( — March 29, 2020) Victoria Point, QLD — Brisbane Business Coach, James McNamara says that people are looking for help now more than ever. Business owners are talking to their friends, family and accountants about the challenges they face. They are looking for specialised help in areas such as running a work from home team, how to sell in the new normal, smart and cost-effective ways to generate enquiries as well as way to plan for the future.

James says that it’s not important whether the person’s title is business coach, business advisor, business consultant or business mentor. There are four things that are important, however. These are, firstly, is the coach you’re talking to a theorist or are they practical?

James says that after spending a number of years at university as well as nearly 30 years in the field in small business, what is taught at university can be well removed from the day-to-day practicality of running a small business in suburban Brisbane.

The second thing to be sure of is if the business coach can sell. Increasing sales is one of the biggest reasons why a business owner who takes on a coach. A business can take tremendous leaps forward in its profitability by improving its sales process. Best of all improvements can happen quickly says James.

The third thing that James recommends is to check if the coach you are talking to can help with improving team productivity. In order for a business owner to work on business growth strategies, they need to be able to delegate the day-to-day tasks to others in the business, says James. If your coach isn’t experienced in the team engagement and team leadership strategies to make this happen, then you are unlikely to succeed. At this point in history with Covid-19, your coach needs to be able to help you run a team who is working from home in all different locations.

Finally, James recommends considering if you would actually enjoy working with that particular coach. You will have to work closely together to craft a business growth plan initially. Subsequently, you’ll be relying on the coaches support and guidance to implement the strategies in the plan. You must be able to work with that person and enjoy the process. Otherwise, it is unlikely that any improvement strategies will get off the ground.

James says that if you can get these four things right then it is likely that you will develop a long and rewarding working relationship with your business coach.

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