Which one to go for? Awning/Casement, Slider/Hung?

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When you are planning to go for window replacement, there are many stores available who are ready to offer the right kind of services. Based on your requirements, you can choose a window style for your home. Here, Awning/Casement windows are compared first by looking at the pros and cons of each window style. The same comparison procedure is followed for the Slider/Hung style as well. No matter what window style you prefer, make sure it has an energy rating. 


Slider Windows Pros 


In the Slider Windows, the sash side is either pushed to the sides or towards up and down. This is one of the most common types of windows which are found in America. There are a single slider and double slider windows. These types of windows are best suited for the ones which have more width than length. It is aimed at providing maximum ventilation. The slider windows offer a complete view. It is best suited for walls of less length. It is very easy to clean the slider windows. 


Slider Windows Cons 


The compression quality of the slider window is not of great quality. It is not high temperature resistant. 


Awning Windows Pros 


The Awning Windows are similar in design to that of the Slider Windows except for the fact that the sash side is not double sliding. There can be only one slider to these types of Awning Windows. So, when you are planning to have windows up in the kitchen area which will not be opened and closed often, then it is best to prefer these types of Awning Windows. When the size of the wall is limited and you need to fit a window that can be slide, then Awning windows are the best option. It also allows maximum light to seep in through it. 


Awning Windows Cons 


The functionality of the awning windows is not of that great quality due to the limited size. When you exert too much pressure over the window case, then there are chances that it might get damaged. When you are looking forward to buying a window for the top floors, then it is not advisable as it is very tough to clean these kinds of windows from the outside. Cleaning is one of the biggest concerns with this type of Awning windows. When the size of the window is a plus in some areas, it also proves to be a major minus as well. 


Hung Windows Pros 


Hung Windows can either be single-hung or double-hung. It can be open from the top either using only one window or it can be opened using two windows which can be placed in the bottom side of the window. The double windows type which can be hung, one of them in the bottom can be used for security purposes. When you are looking for a window that will suit your kids’ room, then it is best suited to go for the double-hung windows. When you want the breeze to enter into your room from the top, then it is best to go for hung windows. It is very easy to clean these types of windows. 


Hung Windows Cons 


There is a horizontal bar in the middle where both the sashing meet. The disadvantage of this design is that one cannot obtain a very clear view of the outside. These types of windows aren’t really energy efficient. They cannot be used in countries where the climate is too cold for the snow might get segregated on the outside pane of the horizontal rail bar. 


Casement windows Pros 


Just as the name suggests, the casement windows are the ones in which the window is cased on to the mainframe of the window. It is very easy to maintain the casement window as one can clean these types of windows from the inside itself. You can open these windows either by using your hands or you can also use a lever to open these casement windows. These types of windows are suited for all types of climate. During the summers, you can open the window from the top and hold it using a lever to let in the air circulate. In the winters, the cool air doesn’t enter the room as the window is tightly packed. 


Casement Windows Cons 


These types of windows are not suitable for operation in the high traffic areas, it can be opened and block the person on the outside. It can get faulty when it is not operated well. When you look out for Toronto window replacement companies, every single company would suggest the above-mentioned windows. 


One can see that these are the various benefits that are offered by these types of windows. When you buy any window, it comes with its own set of negative aspects as well. It is best to buy the windows based on your taste.