Ways to renovate your garage door

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Making a house is not the only thing that you need to do. If you want it to be in its best condition always, you will have to renovate it from time to time. If you think of renovating the external part of your house, then the first thing that comes in our mind is the garages and their doors. Here are the steps that you need to follow to renovate the door. 


Renovation steps 


When we talk about repairing the garage doors, most people think of changing its technical things. You should have this thing in mind that aesthetic renovation is equally important as physical renovation. Here are the steps for it. 


By painting it 


The very first method by which you can repair your garage door is by painting it. This must be sounding a very simple thing for the garage door repairing and it is simple, but healing at the same time. The garage is one of those corners of your house that are exposed to dirt and dusts the most and so are the garage doors. So, the first and foremost step that you need to take is painting the door of the garage. Due to a lot of exposure to the dust, dirt, and other weather-related changes, the paint may wear out. You could go to a hardware shop and can pick some gallons of paint and then can paint the garage door according to your choice. This will give your doors a proper finish and will leave an immediate impact. 


By adding the faux wood finish 


The aluminium and steel doors are the best. They are highly durable and protect your place from a lot of things. However, one biggest downfall that this type of door has is that they are not so attractive. They come in just one colour and then they look very odd in your house. So, to look presentable, you can add a faux finish to the door. It will just change the entire exterior of your house looks. You can either paint or stain the door according to your choice. 


By adding windows to it 


The other way in which the garage door could be renovated is by adding windows to it. We know plenty of garage doors don’t have any windows to them. Now, it is not necessary to have one, neither it is written somewhere that you can’t have them. You can add a row of windows to your garage door. This will give the effect that you have gone for a completely new door. Apart from that, it will allow some natural light to come in, which again is a very good thing. 


By adding lights to it


Now, if you are renovating the doors of your garage, adding lights to it can just give it an entirely different and beautiful look. The first category of lights that you can use is Rustic lights. It just gives the exterior of the house a very comfy and country makeover. Another category is of recessed lights. It can give your door the modern look. The echoing of different shapes of the door in different light fixtures can also make the renovation game strong. One very important thing that you need to note before you go for buying lights is that not just style, but its size to matters. So, buy lights according to the size of your door. 


By adding faux hardware to it 


The very first thing that we want to tell you at this point is that this is not a new thing to do. There are a lot of people who have been doing this for a long time now. You can just add hinges or this type of door handles. It will give a very aesthetic look to your garage door and an impression will be created that you are a very old school kind of person. Now, not everyone likes it too. So, if you like to be called an old school, then only go for it. 


By replacing it


The first option that we gave you is the simplest one when it comes to renovating your garage door. The next simple method that comes after that is the idea of replacing it completely. This might look as some labour work is required in this, but this is better than the painting and adding faux hardware. Also, if your door is 20 years old or more than that, then you should anyway replace it. If it is the case, investing in things like faux hardware or painting is not a good decision. If you are planning to replace it, you can go to Garage Door Repair Orleans


You will have to fix the way your garage door looks as well as the way it functions, to renovate it properly. If you think that your door is not in a good place at all and it needs some changes, then all the above points are considered. If you are going to follow all these points then you are surely going to renovate your door in the best way.