4 Reasons to Invest in Automatic Barrier Systems

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(Newswire.net — May 14, 2020) — Security of your business premises is essential and cannot be overemphasized. Today, the world is no longer safe, and nothing should be taken lightly – you can never be too cautious. Installing an automatic barrier system in critical areas provides you with peace of mind. Apart from peace and order, below are other reasons to invest in automated barrier systems.

  1. Protect A Controlled Area

In areas where access is restricted to keep the valuable property safe, automatic barrier systems such as automatic turnstiles can provide robust security. Turnstile setup allows only individual access at a time in designated locations. The devices are durable as many are made from steel.

Also, automatic barrier systems used outside ensures that a car has no access to a restricted area. In such scenarios, persons in vehicles without a passcode or card cannot make their way into a building. This ensures your premises is not a target of theft or terrorism as only persons authorized and vetted have access.

  1. Traffic Control

For large office buildings such as a campus, automatic barrier systems are used to control the flow of cars into a designated location. The system ensures that only one car has entered into an area at a time for security scanning.

With remote monitoring, multiple levels of traffic that may need to be zipped down into one to access a parking space can be possible with a barrier system restricting traffic flow. Also, in some cities, automatic barriers have been integrated with a traffic light to work in unison and prevent vehicle collisions during peak traffic hours.

  1. Parking Control

While public parking areas make use of automatic pay and display machines, there are private parking areas that need an advanced system for controlled access to vehicles. Automatic barrier systems can be integrated, and parking spaces that have a membership, and only those members can park in the designated location.

This means that the need to have parking attendant patrol often is reduced. Even if parking is free in a building, an automatic barrier system ensures that reserved area witnesses no unauthorized parking.

  1. Improved Monitoring

With the integration of security cameras and motion sensors in crucial designated areas, security personnel have an easier time with security checks. These barriers systems are incredibly flexible, and depending on what you chose, each can be customized to suit your organizational needs.

With an increased level of sophistication in theft and burglary, you need to have in place a modern system to cater for your security needs.

  1. Flexibility 

Generally, automatic barrier systems are versatile. They can be programmed to suit the specific needs of your property. That means any property and all sorts of projects can benefit from the installation of these barrier systems. For example, you can use these barriers to grant access to a private driveway or private track when the specific vehicle is authorized to pass. For vehicles that are not authorized, they will be prevented. 

Wrap up

It is worth mentioning that most automated barriers can be successfully integrated with traffic flow systems. This is perfect when the barriers are installed for safety purposes. Indeed, they can allow more vehicles to pass when necessary and fewer vehicles whenever it may be unsafe to do so.