Texas’ Leading Electricity Rates Comparison Service Sees Rapid Adoption

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(Newswire.net — August 8, 2020) Cedar Park, TX — ElectricityShark.com, one of Texas’ most popular electrical rate comparison services, has enjoyed widespread adoption among a steadily growing user base since launching in January of this year.

The website’s design and function could not be simpler. Users need only visit the home page of the site, enter a zip code, and choose from one of the providers in their community. To date, there are 75 cities and surrounding communities within the ES service area. As a deregulated electricity state, Texas residents are given the power to choose the provider and rates they prefer.

While ElectricityShark.com allows customers to quickly browse electric rates from many providers to determine what an ideal power plan is for them, the site also facilitates easy and quick signup of the plan of their choice and has helped hundreds of consumers save big on monthly electricity bills, whether personal or business.

The focus on user experience and ease of use was paramount in the design of the ElectricityShark.com website, to allow customers to get on with their day and not have to spend hours figuring out the best power rate plans or having to call or visit individual electricity provider websites.  The goal was to be a one-stop-shop destination and customers agree that it’s been convenient and has saved money for them. 

“We’ve proven ourselves to be a trustworthy source of information for Texans,” Jared Glazier, founder and owner of ElectricityShark.com says. “We’re very grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve received since coming online, and we are looking forward to helping Texan homeowners from all walks of life invest in a service that is perfect for their household.”

Glazier says that another reason the ES service is so popular is probably due to the transparency and reliability of its policies and practices. “We don’t collect or sell user data,” Glazier says. “Our business is about helping people maximize the value of the electrical services available to them, and that’s it. There are enough companies out there harvesting data on people, and we just aren’t going down that road.”

Those interested in learning more about ElectricityShark.com, or using its services, should visit the company’s website at https://www.electricityshark.com.

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