This Serial Entrepreneur Shares His Story and Secret to Financial Freedom

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( — August 13, 2020) —

“How strong is my financial literacy? How much do I know about my finances? How is my financial literacy, or lack of it, influencing how I handle my finances? And how can I best improve my financial knowledge?” These are some of the key questions every individual must continually ask themselves if they are to steward their finances effectively and not end up becoming slaves of their money. Whether we experience financial abundance or financial depletion is all dependent on the financial decisions we make daily (short term) and in the long term.

You Need to Be Financially Literate

You cannot effectively manage something you do not fully understand. This goes for finances too. For many, finances are at the center of our lives; we spend more time thinking about money — the lack of it, the abundance of it, and the use of it — than we think about anything else. Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by money, so it’s important to be intentional about equipping ourselves with all the necessary and available literacy on finances that we can.

So how can one become a better financial manager? Do you need one more degree in finance for instance? Is it another book you need to read? Is it another promise you need to make to yourself that might be broken, forgotten, or even discarded along the way when the next finance whirlwind blows your way? What if instead of doing all that you just reached out to a personal finance coach who is willing to walk the journey of pulling through messy finances and making more wise financial decisions. You need someone to help you harness your financial literacy, smoothen some of the rough edges, and help you increase your wisdom on finance management. Look no further. Danny Singson, a seasoned finance coach, is hard to ignore has the expertise you need to gain powerful financial literacy.

Transitioning From Formal Employment Into Entrepreneurship

Of the many daring things a person can do in life, one of the greatest is leaving formal employment and venturing into entrepreneurship. Such a move is equivalent to moving from a clear path and instead opting to venture into a thicket and make your own road. It is not impossible, but it is demanding. So what if at some point life points you into such a trajectory? What if formal employment no longer works for you and it’s time for entrepreneurship? How do you transition? What do you need to take with you in that transition? What should you expect on the journey ahead? How can you make your finances work for you? How do you grow your business from baby steps right into a fully-fledged enterprise? Will entrepreneurship pay or will you regret the decision later?

Danny Singson, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned finance coach, also battled with such questions when he was transitioning from public service to entrepreneurship after nineteen years of serving in various capacities as a police officer. Having gone into public service at a very young age and rising in ranks steadily throughout the years, it was almost unimaginable for most that Danny would retire earlier than expected and venture into entrepreneurship. Yet, he did exactly this; and it has never been more rewarding.

Xtreme1 Financial

Through his finance company, Xtreme1 Financial, Danny seeks to equip individuals, families and corporate with the right financial knowledge they need to become more financially literate and responsible. Danny and his team train those in formal employment, entrepreneurship, or who are at the crossroads of employment and entrepreneurship. They walk alongside their clients through the journey of becoming better financial handlers. Their training is passionate, well-researched, and practical. Moreover, it is personalized to suit different client needs. Every individual needs to acquire the right financial literacy before it’s too late. Through his vast experience and passion for financial literacy, Danny can help you become the best finance guru in your life. Connect with him today.