Personal Development for Entrepreneurs High Achiever Mindset Network Launched

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( — August 13, 2020) — A new platform for entrepreneurial growth and personal development has been launched. 180 Elevate is designed to help members be their best self and achieve their personal and business goals.

A new network for entrepreneurial growth and personal development has been launched called 180 Elevate. It’s comprised of an inner circle of entrepreneurs; renowned, motivational influencers; disruptive innovators; and new-world creatives.

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The network has been created to change lives by empowering members to live their best life. Members can share in a community that is centered around the pursuit of excellence.

It’s a chance for members to share their lives and their stories, network with like minded professionals, and get coaching from specialists in a range of fields. The community is home to renowned thought leaders and matured resources designed to support members’ advancement and wellness.

By adopting a new lifestyle of deliberate effort and practice, entrepreneurs can elevate their personal and professional lives. The network aims to help high achievers unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Members can grow and gain new perspectives while learning from world-class wellness experts. They can also learn unconventionally and change their surroundings, improve leadership skills, and associate with people who are likely to improve them.

Advisors include Dr Anjali Bhangra, an educator, mentor, and speaker on the topics of resilience, leadership, diversity and inclusion. Dr Vivek Bansal has been awarded for his humanitarian efforts, international clinical work and medical research.

Thought leaders include Jake Havron, Angie Maserati, Dr Cathleen Gerenger, Sondra Harmon, Dr Radhika Kapoor, Serena Malkani, Dr Nick Delgado, Nita Ganpathi, Alyssa Setia, Jason Elkin, Veronica Gold, and Dr Shelley Lane.

As part of the platform, every week 180 Elevate will host a streaming tutorial with a master of wellness focus. There will be diverse and fresh topics as well as a real-time Q&A.

The company states: “We are creating a multi-facet and high touch, social, non-profit platform to connect health and spiritual wellness conscious members of society. Through this platform, we are striving to enrich the people of the society by bringing subject matter experts and practitioners together in one place for meaningful face to face interactions.”

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