How Will Mobile Networks Change Gambling Industry 2021?

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( — March 18, 2021) — With the rise of the global pandemic, it has become clear that gambling on your mobile phone has become a pretty big trend over the past year. The entire online gambling industry has taken off in many facets as well. Real casinos have unfortunately been shutting their doors due to lockdown rules, so why doesn’t online gambling take advantage of this? Online gambling has even been approved by six states during the upcoming elections. Places where you can get 150 free spins no deposit bonuses in your favourite online casinos. Here is why this has become a big of a trend as it is now and how it can affect online gambling altogether in 2021. 

Mobile Gaming Companies Taking the Wheel

Thanks to the recent legislation and new paths being taken for online gambling, many mobile companies have used this to their advantage, expecting them to grow in 2021 as more exciting opportunities start to develop. Places like the 888 Holdings, Penn National Gaming, International Game Technology and Bragg Gaming Group are all in full swing. Bragg Gaming Group is already on the move and making the biggest changes. What sets them apart from other gambling companies is that they dominate the mobile market more than any of them. 

This is due to their providing hand in turnkey B2B online gaming solutions for online casino operators. Thanks to their work over the past two years, they have already expanded their network of operators and gained a triple boost to their customer base. They have enlisted the help of Seneca Resorts & Casinos, Kaizen Gaming, 888 Casino, SBTech and Soft2Bet. The revenue of this company itself increased by a massive 44% in their first-quarter total in 2020. An impressive 107% increase was made in the second quarter, further cementing their talents. 

With 2021 coming through, new developments have been made by the Bragg Gaming Group that keep them in the lead. They have already looked into expanding into new markets for their mobile gaming through legal projects. On December 7th, the subsidiary ORYX Gaming announced their multi-jurisdictional deal with international operator PaF to offer them some exclusive deals on regulated markets across the globe. This lets them expand to countries like Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Latvia and Finland. Entry into the Swedish market was already in motion thanks to Bragg signing a deal with the leading casino operator, Grand Casino Luzern. 

The US States Growing the Online Gambling Market

888 Holdings is the next company that has expanded its borders. For sports betting, they have already reached Indiana on December 2nd, with Colorado and Iowa making the team as well. Various partnerships have been made in order to legalise sports betting in these countries and get more options for mobile gambling for their customers. Over $400 million have been wagered in these establishments, making a successful $30 million revenue in Iowa casinos alone. And that all started in August 2019. Only now are they making some profit from this connection. 

International Game Technology, also known as IGT, has been growing in sales immensely thanks to 2020. They announced a multi-year agreement with Maverick Gaming to get some more platforms to promote their games on. This has led them to control much of the Colorado sports betting market as well. This includes Play Maverick Sports giving them some profit thanks to the increased customers due to the partnership. Penn National Gaming gained entrance to the betting market after they purchased media company Barstool Sports in January for $450 million. This led to them opening a first retail brand in November at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk. 

More and more companies have been forming alliances and partnerships so that they can take as much advantage of the situation as they can. People being stuck at home means that the online market will be the place to be to generate the most revenue. After the pandemic is over, there may be a rise in a land-based casino as well. This is why Penn National Gaming has taken the time to prepare for this with Barstool Sports. Bragg Gaming Group still leads this market, but it has kicked off a chain reaction for many other companies to follow suit. 

Mobile Gaming Being the Next Best Thing

There are many advantages to mobile gaming other than just convenience. Many gaming companies are creating new technology to make the experience much more enjoyable. While the process has been slow, these recent expansions have given players more opportunity to see the pros themselves. With more people playing by mobile and more money being made from it, software providers will put more effort into it. Pretty soon, 2021 will be the year of mobile gaming growing to the giant it is predicted to be.