Sustainable Masked Hoodies Soft Bamboo Fabric Fashion Spring Collection Launched

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Sustainable retailer Penrose Soumano announced the launch of its spring hoodie collection. Customers can gain early access to the new line by signing up for the company’s mailing list at

Penrose Soumano, a sustainable fashion company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has launched its upcoming spring hoodie collection. The women-owned retailer specializes in hybrid-functional clothing made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, deadstock, and TENCEL.

More information can be found at

Individuals who sign up for Penrose Soumano’s mailing list at the link above can gain early access to the company’s newest apparel collection, as well as complimentary swag packages.

Penrose Soumano was recently established by female STEM majors who have a background in both sewing and design. Operating under an ethical business model, the company’s founders donate a portion of all profits to philanthropic organizations that increase awareness and activism about Utah’s air quality.

The retailer’s newest fashion line features the Hybrid Masked Hoodie, which simultaneously keeps customers comfortable, stylish, and safe from air-borne pathogens, pollutants, smog, dust, and smoke.

The hoodie’s design includes adjustable ear straps, a cooling inner-action mesh pocket, a nose bridge seal, and an optional N95 filter for added protection. The item is made from jersey, bamboo, and TENCEL fibers and currently available in both black and white.

Another exclusive item included in Penrose Soumano’s spring collection is The Lave Mask, a design concept conceived by company founder and CEO Jessica Penrose over 10 years ago.

Made from bamboo and sustainable jersey material, The Lave Mask offers the same innovative design features as the company’s Hybrid Masked Hoodie.

Customers can also purchase the retailer’s soft and long-lasting Tencel Hoodie, produced from premium sustainable fabric, for a price of $89.

In the near future, Penrose Soumano will offer a full line of eco-friendly dress shirts, dresses, skirts, activewear, blouses, undergarments, socks, and more.

A spokesperson for the company said: “As we get our new business up and running, we continue working hard to source our materials both ethically and sustainably while keeping our costs affordable for you.”

Interested parties can find additional details at the link above or at the company’s social media accounts: and