UK Nationals Abroad Wealth Management And Second Passport Guide Launched

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A guide has been launched for UK expats who want to understand their second passport options. ADL Estate Planning states international mobility is essential during times of instability or crisis.

ADL Estate Planning has launched a new guide on second residency options for UK nationals who are living and working abroad. The guide highlights the importance of mobility and international wealth management, particularly in countries that do not offer the same levels of financial regulation as the UK.

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The newly launched guide acknowledges the shift in work and lifestyle options for UK residents. For instance, the number of opportunities available for expats to work in Asia and the Middle East, including Dubai and Doha, has significantly increased in recent years. More details are available at

Although the experience is mostly positive, some UK residents may be unaware of the fact that financial products available abroad do not include the same stringent rules and regulations as at home.

Finding an international financial advisor who understands global geopolitical challenges is crucial for Britons abroad. ADL Estate Planning states that mobility will continue to grow in importance for expats since while the Middle East offers attractive destinations, there are still security risks in some parts.

For additional security, the guide recommends researching second residency passport options. The strength of a passport is determined by the number of countries that can be visited visa-free. Within the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates provide the best visa-free access.

UK workers abroad are advised to consider their long-term objectives and the benefits they may receive by applying for a secondary passport. Benefits can range from security during times of political instability or better education options for their children and family.

A representative said: “Suitable life insurance, retirement plans and cross-border tax planning will always be important, but a wealth management plan must now be tailored to meet the immediate need of a safe jurisdiction for relevant clients and their families.”

“There are around 25 Golden VISA programmes internationally that offer a residency and or citizenship by investment opportunity,” they added.

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