Eating Junk Food Is Detrimental to the Body’s Defenses, Experts Warn

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( — April 21, 2021) Orlando, FL — Food has long been a popular subject of research due to its influence on overall human health and disease development.

In various research studies, it has actually been found that some foods are extremely important in fighting diseases and boosting the body’s defenses. There are also many edible items being widely consumed nowadays that are found to trigger the onset of diseases.

Health authorities have long been warning that junk food is incredibly unhealthy to consume. There is a wide range of junk food that many people regularly eat, such as sugary sweets, chips, and processed food. 

These are foods that many people, especially in Western countries, consume regularly. In a number of research studies, they are found to contain substances and chemicals that impair functioning of certain bodily organs and processes.

Research has also found that consumption of these unhealthy edible items may wreak havoc on immune system health. 

Scientists at the University of Bonn carried out a study. In this research, it has been found that the immune system reacts to a high-fat and high-calorie diet similarly as it does to harmful bacteria. 

This essentially means that the body is actually treating fast food like an infection. Experts warn that long-term intake of unhealthy food may trigger the immune system to be more aggressive and overwork.  

Researchers suggest that the link in between fast food and the immune system may have played a role in the development of some of the world’s most chronic diseases. 

These particularly include diabetes and arteriosclerosis, which are associated with the Western diet. 

More studies are still being carried out to learn about the link between intake of junk food and the immune system.

It is worth noting junk food is not only the source of many toxins that may wreak havoc on immune system health. Toxins can be everywhere and this is why it is best to take some measures helpful in reducing exposure to these disease-causing, immunity-damaging substances.

Some experts recommend body cleansing to help eliminate toxin burden inside the body. There are many ways to do this, and one is to use an all-natural remedy called activated charcoal. 

Activated charcoal is known for its detoxifying benefits, but is also widely used as a remedy for digestive health issues and food poisoning.

Due to its highly porous surface, it serves as a magnet to toxins and chemicals. It is widely resorted to nowadays via supplementation, such as the use of Divine Bounty Activated Charcoal. (

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